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hello my creative weirdos welcome we are doing another room on a budget video I’m so excited you guys loved the last one yay today we are doing a living room on a budget and this living room belongs to Ella she’s 25she works in PR and so we are going to tackle it try to do like a minimalist kind of tumbler sheets look in there and we’re doing the same thing guys $300 is our only budget to pull this piece together and we have to do it in one day oh my gosh can we do it let’s try knock-knock I’m mister you don’t even need the introduction you are no listening I’m escaped ok guys so here I am in Bayliss living room it’s kind of her like living room dining room entry way combo and right away what I see in this space is something that I see all the time from you guys sending me pictures just being in people’s

faces it justdoesn’t feel like there’s any element ofdecor or design in here it just feelslike someone moved in place the stuffbut didn’t really go any furtherof course with our budget we need toembrace some of these things she has inhere and some of them are nice likeshe’s got this couchshe’s got already a flow plan free Ilove it little dusty will dust it offhot death situation it’s actually a deskit looks like an arm off but it’s reallycool I just think this scale isn’t rightshe does have this other vintage piecein her bedroom that I caught sight ofwhich is taller but more narrow and Ifeel like I’m gonna swap those out she’sgot two coffee table options she’s gotsome side chairs the dining table andchairs are really cute that looksbrand-new it is a bit small for thisspace because I think even though it’s asmall room you can decorate with largeritems and it ends up making the roomfeel bigger so with my $300 let’s startthe clockalright so now I have to go find Joeyhopefully he’s already warmed up the carso let’s go shoppinghey Joey okay hey guess what today’sepisode is sponsored by our good friendsover at daily harvest my gosh I lovedailyI know I love it too guys daily harvestson

super food eats straight to yourdoor with your choice of smoothiesactivated breakfast bowls or an icecream vegan sundaesthey’re also organic unrefined andfrozen at peak freshnesseach single serving cup comes ready toblend or heat and it’s ready in just 30seconds my personal favorite ischocolate of blueberry vitality I likethe strawberry and peach revive her andcheck out the link in the descriptionbox it is daily – harvest calm backslashmister Kate and when you use our linkyou’ll get an after special discountso thanks daily harvest so now let’s getback to this living room project shallwe okay in the car we’re gonna hit upone of our favorite those stores in LABTS what do you think about beat I thinkher floor plan needs a lot of help weneed to get a rough because an area rugis going to be really crucial forgrounding that livingroom area maybe Ican get lucky with like an armchair andthen yeah just some accessories I meanwe’re trying to stay minimal but westill need like stock sofingers crossed but they have somethingthat will fit with ILA’s minimalisttumbler 5 it’s a challenge that’s thewhole point I’m feeling challenged oh donot ok ok just miss Maddocks

and we’retaking the long leg I think we do youactually need a lamb wait I see whenyou’re lazy 1 $7 Wow I came here atleast keep lookinghe’s helping tells me you find anythingmodern minimalist Dan ok 50% offfurniture wall art and yours is heavenso the key for the theme are ringsenough detail on them like watchingthat’s gold and like filigree andwhatever look at this one has thisreally Robin that inside of it thinmetal yeah grab it okayJoey look clean modern lines could itget any better also 50% offso this is the kind of stuff I like tosee a milk bottle yeah it’s a dollargreat 150 metalsyes this just a piece of sleep for likea tray or candle or something on thecognitive all $2 simple black pitcher$2.00 yes or like fun right mm-hmm andthese are $5 for the set and there’s abajillion $3 $3 oh my god coasterscoasters hang on Berisha it’s too big tograduation it’s like a wildland hangerthing right mm-hmmoh my god okay I can’t hold anythingelse must put things down actuallysomething we do not recommend thismethod for measuring no this is not theexact way of measuring divide 60 by 2it’s a little smaller but it’s cool $8at Finneganmmm-ma sail sail on top of that so nowwe need to figure out some of the morelike artisticthings in the room I would love to dolike a wallpaper wall in that spacebecause I love that archway and like theinset but we don’t have the budget forthat so I think the next best thing is

atapestry maybe where the TV is right nowwe have like a hundred and eighty bucksleft basically okay so you know whatelse I would love to do is get a smallerpan of paint and do the wall of thekitchen because even though that’s notpart of the room you see it maybe like adark anchoring color there and a pieceof art you know go down down down okaylet’s head to the fabric store okay guysI am so low now in the car because I’vejust dropped jelly off at the hardwarestore and I’m gonna run in reallyquickly to the fabric store and see whatI can find for the tapestry oh hey guysis here is the fabric that I got I gotthis like canvas e-cloth which is niceand heavy and this was closed out so itwas nice and cheap and I got thisbeautiful floral which was of coursemore expensive because it’s morepatterned etc but I only got a yard ofthis so my plan is to cut outflowers out of this and then create myown new pattern on this bigger piece ofcanvas so basically turning one yardinto a two yard tapestry oh and I alsogot some very cheap block fabric andthen I got a corner there’s full fabricto be maybe a shadow and a highlight ifI want to layer some more thingsapplying the flowers so now I’m gonna gopick up Joey at the hardware store andthen we’ll probably stop at a big-boxstore to get throw pillows a side tableand maybe curtains if we have room inthe budget I don’t

know still see youback in there all right so we have likenot a lot of timeyeah what’s new let’s just assess okayso guys we lucked out right this graypaint color is totally neutral minimalblack and white guys but this yellowyChristmas is not so we’re gonna do anaccent wall in the kitchen of a darkcolor cool so you got that yeah you’regonna yeah but I know she already has alittle mount on the back it looks likeit’s maybe missing pieces but I think Ican find that I’m gonna move the couchout so that it is basically creatingmore of an entry hallway from the frontdoor and then the TV of course will beopposite back we’ll clean our new thriftin white chair as part of theconversation area except we’re puttingthe TV day what’s happening on this wallI have my DIY tapestry movie there andthen I want to swap out this vintagepiece the furniture which is just toodeep should we put that in her bed earlyon her beddresser okay so you go to projects I’mgonna beat that rough yeah yeah I’mgonna get up like ducks down everythingme tricks my spleen oh there you go Joeylove you byeyeah I might need a hand no let it cometo the beautiful about the store we onlyhave one rug it is an amazing sheet fromthe thrift store no stains no weirdsmells smell test proved but I

stillwant to give it a nice beating with abroom alright guys Tapestry time okay so whenI was texting with Ella he text me onephoto that had a very pronounced floralwallpaper in it and she said she lovedthat look so this tapestry is my kind oftwist on a wallpaper look for cheaperand faster the plan is I’m going to cutout the flowers first and create somestrips with my accent fabric and thenonce I’ve settled on the perfect layoutI will adhere everything using a hotglue gun because ain’t nobody got timefor sewing a tapestry so I think this way is a little bitbigger this it’s so changing the vibeand the space to have a rug here becausewe now are making it very clear wherethe living room coziness happens readyfor a thrift store rug huddle okay wrongshow that’s that’s this isn’t it OMGwe’re coming over that’s true right wedo it we do rose petals and og we’recoming overokay let’s talk me we got a timer goingthat’s true timer how much time do wehave so obviously this is beat up the worstone I like putting it I’m like girl sherolling it over that but you only haveso much budget don’t fix what ain’tbroken will needs a little broken don’tthink so it’s only a little broken poor art I was obviously not acheerleader I really wanted to be thoughanyways that’s the five point point iswe are doing DIY art right now so here’swhat we’re working with today because wewant to have that minimalist tumblr lookI really think that a photo as one ofthe art pieces is gonna really make abig difference in here rather than mepainting or doing

DIYs for all of theart so I recently went to Europe and Itook a bunch of pictures on my phone andI ended up getting on blown up asposters at the drugstore you guys I alsohave this beautiful plant that Joey gotat the hardware store and then I’m alsogoing to paint a DIY piece of artsomething really simple that is a greattechnique that you guys can do and thatis sort of like a dribble paint it’skind of letting the paint kind ofdictate its own shape so I will be doingthat with just some black paint and apaintbrush I have two sizes but I’llprobably use the big ones is it soaks upMartine it’s a drips of all it’s a bicycle it’spoo all right laughs but just certainlynot least let’s make a hanging plant nowI’m using this cotton clothesline so youwant to cut three pieces and then doubleit over right so at the loop and thenhanging down you now have six Oh math sothis is super long because I just wantto have access so that I can knot it andmaybe braised a little bit all right suethis loop will be where we’ll hang itfrom the hook up at the ceiling so I’mjust gonna add a knot there yeah allright so that’s that so this is gonnahang from the ceiling I want a nice areato go down before the plant actuallycomes into playso let’s breathe this part shall we these are those really simple loop knotsso here’s our net and then I’m justgonna tie a final big knot rightunderneath the pot so that’s what’sgonna secure the pot in this

napcreating a bottom and then this excesswe can sleep hanging you could braidmore you could trim I’m just gonna leaveit hanging until we get it up in theceiling because I might want some ofthese hanging down line the bottom of this tonight fancysandwich bag so this will be where thepant thought will go and that way whenshe waters it and it flows out of theselittle holes on the bottom there wouldbe something waterproofing catch it lookat that so cute if you painted that itwould be so cute but we’re obviouslygonna stick it inside this net and hangit up okay so this is home guys we haveno time we’re literally down to the wireand starting it dark out she’s gonna behome soon so I’m gonna just finishplease and almost I have all this stuffto style deliver your own I hope you dothe book but we have no time who’s here guyshow does it look in here oh my gosh that blue color that Joeypicked out for the kitchen is sobeautiful I said a dark blue and hetotally nailed it and see it reallyanchors a space now because she has thisreally pretty archway here we’re nowhighlighting this architectural detailbecause of the dark color behind it andthen of course it makes the artwork justreally pop I also love that we have thehanging plant kind of near at the diningtable now it’s almost like a fun twiston a chandelier it’s

like a plant Alireand then you can see that we’ve alsocreated now a hallway by with the newplacement of the sofa and then now thatwe’re using this more narrow piece thatshe had in her bedroom and it just worksso much better in here and now she canuse that other desk that was in here asa vanity in her bedroom so this is theway to go to flip-flop this I am soobsessed with this tapestry I feel likeit is such a great way to get with thewallpaper look for so inexpensive itjust makes such an impact in here and Ilove the stripes mixed with the florallike it still has that kind of likeminimalist look and stripes and floralscould be better we brought in our loungechair which makes such a big differencebecause it matches the scale of the sofabefore she just have that rattan chairnext to her sofa with the leg clearplastic one they were just way too smallfor the space and this side table I gotat the big-box store when I got thepillows and the curtains it’s so cooland geometric and perfect in here andguys it was discounted because it hadlike a mark on the back of it but hoopskin so long I don’t you like thisokay everybody ready okay yes no I knowwise enough yes oh my god it looks sogood and remember that that is oh yeah surethat was a lot waiting for a while andobviously we didn’t have that in thebudget it’s so good I like all the graytones but it’s not interesting andthere’s plans the kitchen looks

completely different and what do you think of this new floorplan right it’s so much better it was just confusing before I know well it’s you know that’s something that a lot of-of people deal with you come into like a big room and you’re like okay this needs a function is my living room and dining room how do I set it up but I feel like now the table kind of having its moment out away from the wall a little bit and it’s broken up better so like you have you have a case of come in with the medicine for a wall like this it’s called floor called in breathing the center of your room a little bit yeah I just want to call my friends Wow I was like supposed to go do something and I’m like no just come here I could not even have imagined it to look like this under$300 hole

no way dramatic lighting it’s literallynighttime guys it took us a full day allday these winter months it gets dark tooearly but we got it in before the Sunwent down okay we love doing thesevideos it’s so much fun let us know whatspaces you want to see us do on a budgetand just be proud and happy to join thefree videos because any type ofcreativity or thing that you want to doin your space or on your body is validand beautiful alright alright guys wewill see you next timeJosh I got lunch now it’s not for dinnerright reverse this thing for hang on a thing do that thing on thething bad that’s the kind of thingthat’s good that thing on the thinglet’s check out and get out here

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