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seehey guys what is up its Cayley here so Ihaven’t uploaded for three weeks some ofyou might have noticed and I’m reallysorry about that my camera actually kindof broke and it has the problems so itwasn’t working I had to get a new camerabut thankfully I have it now so now Ican film this video for you guys if youcan tell I decorated my background forthe whole time I’m super excited forfall so get excited for some fall videoscoming up really soon but yeah thisvideo should help you organize your deskcloset papers throw pillows alldifferent things all that being saidlet’s hop on into the video we are going to be starting off withrealm Organization so first off for yourthrow pillows I would recommend gettingsome kind of wire basket or containerlike I have here I got this wire basketfrom Target I love the silver color itgoes with my room perfectly and thenbefore getting in bed each night you canstick your throw pillows and thatinstead of just tossing

them on thefloor or shoving them somewhere and thatway the room will just stay a lot moreclean and organized now if you have loose papers that youdon’t know where to put and you alsohave some extra wall space then you canput filing folders onto your wall as areally easy and cute DIY all you have todo for this is to pick out some cutefiling folders that go with your room Igot these from the Container Store andthen attach a piece of velcro at the topof each filing folders and then thefiling folder stays together and doesn’tjust come open since it’s hanging fromyour wall now attach something to theback of you filing folders so then youcan stick it onto your wall I’m usingcommand strips which are really coolbecause they stick to the wall very wellin the filing folders will not befalling off the wall but they don’tleave any marks or they don’t take paintoff of the wallsunder the command strips Ferran I stuckthe filing folders on to the wall andthat is all you have to do for this verysimple but super cute DIYnow if you have pens and pencils butknow where to put them in your desk aneasy DIY solution to

that would be totake a container like a yogurt cartontin can these are actually frostingcontainers and then paint it whatevercolor you want to now for this I wouldrecommend painting the container with alayer of white paint first that waythere won’t be any of the originalcontainer or label showing and thenafter that you can go in and paint itwith whatever color you want to have itat the endI’m still got a lot of fight left in me that is all for this DIY and actually Ihad a container that a honey bear was init was already a really pretty silveryshiny color so I didn’t even have topaint that I just kept it the way it was moving on to the closet I’m going tostart off with organizing your clothesso the first thing you want to do istake out all the extra hangers and putthem aside and then take all of yourclothes and lay them in piles on yourbed or whatever else you want to laythem on to oohthen go ahead and put your clothes backinto your closet by whatever

categoryyou want to this really depends on whatclothes you own I decided to go withcardigans and sweaters in the back andthen I had dresses tank tops plaidbutton-down shirts long-sleeve shirtsand short sleeve shirts in the very backfeel free to sort your clothes by colorinstead I know that some people likethat best but I personally like doing itby category because that way it’s just alot easier to find what you need whenyou’re looking for a certain piece ofclothing but I mean you could totallysoar each category of clothes by colororder if you want to be super organized all done a great way to store and organize allthe other stuff in your closet is whygetting bins so for my first vid I laidout all my Christmas decorations anditems and stuck them into that binthen I filled my next vid with stuffthat I liked when I was younger but Idon’t need at the moment like previousbooks that I liked decorations all thatkind of stuff and by the way who elsehad these like Pink

Justice Diariesbecause those were like so in styleeveryone had them in elementary schoolnow I’m placing the bins into the topshelf of my closet I also added in somebins of other miscellaneous stuff that Ihad in my closet originally as well ifyou don’t have shelves in your closet toput bins on that I would definitelyrecommend getting some storage containercompartment things I’m not really surewhat these are called I got two of theseand stuck them on both sides of mycloset since my closet is very small andit is very narrow but it is wide enoughso that I can fit both of them in theredo you see me used to store your shoes Iput some of my shoes in the biggest binof one of the compartments and then Ialso stuck my boots and the other thingsthat wouldn’t fit into that on top soother things that can be stored in thesedrawers are winter accessories likescarves beanies gloves you can also putinto my craft supplies really whateveryou have that you need to fit

insomething but you don’t know where toput it but yeah these have really helpedme organize my closets and my closet wasa complete disaster that’s my homeroom organization thatyell let me know down below if thesehelped you out and which ideas you likedthe bestanyways I’m gonna go now to film somemore videos for you guys so I will talkto you in my next video thank you forwatching I love you all so much and thatwas a lot of things I just said there soyeah byeoh I’m back oh wait no I’m circlingcircling again whoops oh oh actuallyhurt if you say owl when you like thinksomething will hurt but it doesn’tactually hurt and then you’re like ohwhy did I even say owyou

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