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many of you have seen my bedroommakeovers and I do have another one toshare with you this is my guest bedroomthat many of you have seen our housecats have enjoyed plenty of nice beerbut it’s been six years since I’ve madeany changes to this face and I felt likeit needed a change a modern updatedversion of what I already hadwants to give our guests a home awayfrom home without compromising functionI have some affordable design ideas andsome upcycle accents to share with you first I started with the wall color Iget tons of questions about the old wallcolor it’s called granite grave i guttedthe new wall color is a soft gray it’seven tones but not too dark is a facecolor and I love that it’s gendifferently it’s easy to switch out youraccent pieces drapery this is somethingthat you may or may not know that it’sactually a shower curtain at the time Ihad such a hard time

picking out theperfect patterns and then I found it theissue was it was too short so a trickthat I’ve been using for years is to addextra coordinating fabric to the bottomof the shower curtain this is totally ano sew project and all you need is heatand bond hem it’s really easy and it’s agreat way to link in your drapery I’vedone a video on how to make know sopillows and I’ll have that link downbelowgromek panel curtains is the Avenue Istuck this time aroundexcept I’m using blackout curtains isvery practical and it will provide youwith better sleep it’s about a lot ofthe Sun lights of entering the room andit also helps to protect your furnitureand your rug from discolouring speakingof rugs I get asked a lot of questionsabout the area rugs in our home andanother common question is can you placean area rug on top of wall-to-wallcarpeting and the answer is yes yes youcanthis beautiful rug is made by well wovenrug company and they send it to me whenthey heard about my bedroom makeover iscalled Liza gray and it’s

their feathercollection this rug is so soft it’spolyester microfiber construction whenthe light hits it it passes shimmeringlook to it I absolutely love thisthe pile is thick and the rug is veryheavy and it could be purchased on yourwebsite and other retail store like myfavorite way bear and the also offerfree shipping and free returns I willhave a coupon code down below for youguys in my description box for 30% offwith be my guest with Denise next thefocal point your bed if this bed looksfamiliar to you it’s because you haveseen the exact same bed in our masterbedroom and I will have a link downbelow in case you have not seen the tourof our master bedroom the name of thisbed is called Mandarin it’s black it’sfrom a store called American signaturefurniture and I got a heck of a deal onthis bed in the back of the store theyhave a huge clearance section witheverything from sofas and beautifuldressers some have minor damages andsome don’t like this marriage chest ofdrawers if you cracks on it but it caneasily be fix and you take it to amirror shop regular price on thisdresser retailed at $1000 and they wereselling it for $300 headboards galoreyou had your pick they

had tons of themthey were marked down even on my bed youhad just choice of color and size but onthis particular bed people were havingissues getting them into the bedroom sothey had to bring them back and then hehad to mark them down and they had quitea few of them to choose from the regularprice would have been it $700 which is afantastic deal on a king-size bed but Igot it for even better deal at $400 it’snot a secret that I love to use crispwhite bed linens on all of our beds inour home is easy to maintain in it’seasy to launder I love using a white bedlinens it has a fresh clean look that Ijust love and on top of the sheets Ihave a matte LeFay now some may call ita coverlet or a bedspread if theylightweight blanket that is subtle andit has beautiful detailing on itI like for my guests to have the optionof having layers on the bed in case weget too warm and if you get too cold Ihave a lightweight buzzard goose downblanket inside this pocket tuck duvetcover at the foot of the bed having a variation of sizes and texturesand films as interest but it’s also apersonal preference of what kind

ofthings you want and how many I chosedifferent textures and shades of grayfor my accent pillows and all of thesepillows are from home goods and thewhite blingy pillow was on clearance forten dollars regular price $40 I alsolove using tailored euro shams it addsthat perfect backdrop against the blackbed but before I place any new bedlinens on my bed I always wash themfirst and then I press them to give thatbed that fresh crisp look the spiritchest came out of my other guest bedroomI thought I’d look better here againstthe green walls and next to the blackbed I love the Moroccan detail on it andit came from TJ Maxx a few years agoupcycle and repurpose the full orchids Ihad forever along with the directedsilver cups and the hurricane vases thelamps was a great goodwill sign they arereal crystal

lamps that I scored for $14what a pair here’s the before of howthey lookedyes I know but I saw the potential theyhave because real crystal lamps willcost you a fortune and being that theywere so old I couldn’t bring back thebrass finish so I painted the punchcardsa high-gloss white and on the othernightstand I just repurpose what I hadalready my DIY Chanel tray was used tobe here I removed the trait and addedthis mirror tray to balance the otherside table then I added a mirror box sothe lamps can be at the same height this standing wall there used to be onthe other side of the wall I just placeit on the opposite side of the wall soit can reflect the light this event isthe closet where guests can really makethemselves at home and I have a fulltour of this closet and that link willbe down below on the closet doors Iadded these drawer poles you get 16 packor $7.99 and they are from

TJ Maxx Ireplace the old poles and edit new onesto the doors this bedroom has fullaccommodations guests can also enjoythis 50-inch TV while they’re in bed TheHustler adds this full motion TV wallmount it retracts and tilt and swivel oreasy viewing from any angle ferb inch I got from ross stores andSears so guests can put their shoes onand I also love that the legs are goldbecause you can mix metals it reallyties in nicely with the brass that’s onthe lampunder the TV I created a little sittingarea that’s always been there I added afew items to make things a little cozylike this fur pillow I had already andthis beautiful throw I got as aChristmas gift from Kimberly Davis atdiva designing on a dimethanks again Kimberly I absolutely loveitthe new addition to this area is thisfloor lamp I got I’m Lesley market forfive dollars and we also got the barcart for five dollars and I will do avideo on how I spelled it in anothervideo I gave the lamp a thoroughcleaning and I used chalk paint to paintit because you don’t have

to stand ityou page it I added a new web shade andit’s the perfect light for reading so Ihope you all have enjoyed my updatedmodern version guest bedroom and be sureto follow me on instagram and facebookat be my against with denise where ishare daily and i want to thank you allfor watching you

how realize you take a master bed room bathroom combo that looks as soon as this and twist it into this competently stay tuned as I do something you how I undertake this 600 square foot tone and twist it into a luxury master bedroom suite at ropes In Design i start considering meeting the clients and taking a look at their tune and next i commit it to my 3d modeling program past I took a see at that 3d model I thought gosh there's some in fact huge architectural things I want to correct number one that read pretension just a tiny weird number two thes off it in the bedroom I had to get rid of that the built-ins one it her side of the fireplace
were not symmetrical you know how I vibes roughly that and number four the master bathroom we just needed to acquire it and start all soon as you enter there's an unbelievable piece of art on the wall in fact it's our clients favorite I think we should start later than a master bathroom and later we'll stop later than the bedroom suitably let's go wood paneled walls what used to be just either mirror or drywall delightful built-ins all the pretentiousness on the order of Jeremy made me these custom mirrors made out of two substitute frame materials this is the absolute place for our client to get dressed in the daylight and then higher than here we have some nice towel storage recall in the before characterize this used to have a huge old-fashioned business on it correspondingly it took happening a large portion of this room and now it's just therefore smooth and clean and
modern doesn't that see considering a shower you'd later than to just nice of I don't know acquire tidy in or something we're all virtually detail in the past and after it takes a team to make these projects and to bring them more than the finish descent behind I can tell you this our clients were hence thrilled behind our home and gone they walked into their master bedroom there were tears and they weren't just money you think that there'd been a bunch of construction that went upon in this area and last year something is not indulgent it's really a forward-looking bedroom I kept the colors categorically hermaphrodite cream ontan upon gold upon white I got to bill you something in reality cool about these night stands upon either side
I have these column lamps but look upon either side there's a tiny area where the client can just tap taking into consideration twice three times realize you see that it's afterward a stinking nightlight our clients are going to mosey in this home tonight after they look their house they're going to fall into these freshly washed and pressed pressed sheets and pillowcases and their arm is going to slip higher than velvet see at these great window treatments and of course I as soon as them as I always realize that we along with have this is nice of cool we have rollers hades that go next to upon each window for a pure and total privacy- Shay's lounges it's following darling bring me my wine and where's the snobbish these unbelievable lively fixtures and my greeting tile upon the wall custom made cabinetry afterward pretty bronze handles and I topped it off in the center here in the manner of an oval coffee table made of mirror and after that glass on to phey
guys I have got to get my self powdered happening and ready because in a few minutes my clients are going to reach and I'm going to look their home for the first epoch depart me a comment under and allow me know how get you think this master bedroom bathroom turned out if you liked this video depart us a thumbs happening and always always always interest subscribe to our Channel don't forget approximately the design sessions you guys this is where Itell every gone a month the last Saturday of every month go to WWE and design relieve and I will see you guys there bye bye for now

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