Bathroom Tile Designs

admin 2019-02-06 Bedroom

hi there my name is Mike Montgomery andtoday I’d like to bring you along on myfirst ever bathroom remodel project onmodern build so the whole goal here wasto remodel this bathroom on the cheapunder $500 now while I talk I’m going tothrow up some video of the old bathroomand as […]

Master Bathroom Designs

admin 2019-02-06 Bedroom

the kind of sensation also do privateconsumers at home this is why youreleased me saya kitchen the userinterface is now fully optimized forkitchen usage so what you can do is youcan switch off the water on and off youcan adjust the temperature and you candispense the fluids all starts freezingso […]

Bathroom Design Tool

admin 2019-02-06 Bedroom

number ten look how beautiful this iswith just two colors and some glass thisroom transformed you don’t need to goall the way of adding flowers but seehow simple bold colors and the opendesign work together to make the roomlarge and water it doesn’t have to bered and blue but they […]

Small Bathroom Design

admin 2019-02-06 Bedroom

so we are here today because we aretalking about an exciting new collectionout from dxv called the moduluscollection and it’s modern and it’ssleek and it’s all those things that youwant in the bathroom exactly and we wereable to preview this collection that theinterior designs show this past yearthat’s right yeah […]

Bathroom Designs

admin 2019-02-05 Bedroom

oh excuse me what’s you guys hisbathroom codeoh it’s three seven eight four okaygreat thank you and then you times thatby nineteen Oh some tract for because itis a leap year subtract Takashi sixnines in that guy in jail but the sixnine is spelt like his Instagram it’s asix ix9 […]

Kitchen Appliance Packages

admin 2019-01-17 Kitchen Design

hey friends welcome back to my channelI’m Christina if you’re new here intoday’s video I thought I’d do somethinga little bit different so in the midstof a bathroom renovation and I thoughtit would be fun to sort of share withyou guys are processed the before andafter and all that good […]