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yay look at what birds this you haven’tdanced for you okay hi everyone my name is Kelsey and myname is Becky we are the scigirls and weare back doing it really exciting Dormermakeover series this time we chose realstudents that moved into real dorms andwe let them live in the dorm for likeabout a month and now we’re here torealize what all their problems are andmake them go away and make a whole spacebeautiful yeah so we hope this inspiresyou if you’re writing a dormer in asmall apartment we also want to thankyou v8 plus energy for sponsoring theseries and making this all happen we arehere today making over Matt and Olivia’sroom their

music students in their firstyear here and they just moved into thistiny dorm they’re our new friends andwe’re going to need to make this spacework for the most about guestsso we’ve previously met with them and weknow what kind of things they want andwhat issues they have with their dormand we totally went shopping for themthey want a minimalist clean look butwe’re seeing like a lot of patterns andwhen they kind of have two differentstyles so we want to do something thathonors each style but also kind of makesthe whole room look cohesive yesdefinitely so the other

dorms we’ve seenhave these shelves nicely stackedtowards the end of the beds but sincethis dorm is maybe kind of a weird shapethe dorm just left them here in thecorner and it’s kind of awkwardso we’re gonna try to do something withthem without removing them from the dormand we have this piano here that doesn’thave a lot of good space to go in sowe’re gonna try and play with the layoutof the room see if we can find a betterspot for this guy cuz clearly it’s veryimportant to these music students okayso this side of the room the bed is infront of a closet I mean that’s a hugebig problem for meI think that works very well she alsotold us that she can’t use her towelrack because who wants wet towels ontheir bed there’s so many problems thatwe want to fix for them and we love thatthey have so much fun artwork hereespecially music themed artwork but wewant to make it feel more cohesive withthe rest of the room instead ofcluttered in a tiny little corner if itis so beautiful we want to give it itsown space so we kick them out of theirrooms that they’re gone to class let’sget started on this

room okay so I thinkthe first thing we need to do isrearrange the layout we want to takethese shelves and our idea crazy idea isto put them in the bottom of the closetand these causes are tiny I don’t knowif it’s gonna fit but I think it’s ourbest-case scenario for the overall like it’s not fully gonna fit in the closetthis closet shape is a little bitdifferent than this one so we’re gonnaput it towards the end of the bed andit’ll still give us a lot of room here okay um let’s get to decorating yeahcoolmaybe it’ll start like this way and justgo around sure cool all right so firstthings first we are going to start withdoing the walls because there is so manywalls in here we want to do somethingreally cool so I thinking of doing likea minimalist slash Scandinavian inspiredstyle so we picked up these amazing wallgrids and clipboards are like the newart piece so we’re gonna do some coolstuff on the wall but first things firstis taking down some of the stuff theyhave

already okay the walls are looking good we’regonna add a little bit more later butwe’re gonna deal with the bedding nowand we have nothing wrong with thebedding they have it’s beautiful but wewant to get them a cohesive look sowe’re gonna give them new bedding um okay so we made a little mess oftheir desk when we were rearrangingeverything but baskets are gonna fix itbaskets are your best friend they makeeverything look organized and neat andit means you don’t really have to getrid of stuff which is great okay so we have this shelf stylist fornow I think we’re gonna work on theother side of the room and do that shelfas well so for this side we’re going todo a little bit more organization withall of our baskets and binder holdersand we’re going to take down some of herphotos and reposition them on a newgallery wall that’s going to be epic okay so our

desk is complete we have ourpicture frames down now we’re gonna moveon to hanging the photo frame above thecloset space here we’re gonna hang themhigh it’s gonna make the room lookamazing and tall and take advantage ofthe really tall ceilingswe have the frames here that we want touse and we’re just gonna rearrange thembefore we start putting them up on thewall with removable CTO for our statement DIY in this room we’remaking a giant chalkboard calendar wedid some funky math but basically you’llneed to make 35 squares because thataccommodates for five weeks the mostyou’ll ever need in a month so cut out35 squaresstick them evenly on a surface andyou’re good to go we’re cutting this outof chalkboard vinyl that is sticky onthe back and wall safe Anna quick tip tomake sure your chalk erases nicely offyour chalkboard vinyl prime the viola byrubbing some chalk on it and thenerasing it and then your chalk

should begood to go and another quick tip forsome style points you can use thesechalkboard markers on mirrors they showa brilliant peak look awesome and theyerase perfectly so one of the lastthings that we want to do is put in somerugs on the floor now I know the room isalready carpet but rugs are great way tobring color and texture and like tworooms so we have two that we’re gonnalayer and style on the flooralright we’re so close to finishing thisroom we need to put the final touches onincluding stopping this room with our v8plus energy with this naturalingredients v8 plus energy deliver studyenergy that’s you feel good aboutfeeling good there’s no time fortrade-off no crash for the sake ofenergy when it comes to getting backinto the swing of work in school aftersummer quick tip if you can’t use candles oropen flames in your dorm but why not tryusing reed diffuser it smells good andlooks really cute we did it Cheersum I think it looks amazing mm-hmm thisis like my style I love everything thatwe did I think

it’s something that thegirls yeah shall we yeah okay coolI said no peeking don’t you dare how’syour test oh okay well this will make upfor it okay come back here now okay onetwo three we know you guys wanted a little bitminimalist but obviously your style addto still be here yepso we save your gallery wall a littlebit of a flip yeah and we added a giantcalendar for you we think that the bedswork a little better this way you guyslove it and I know that you have troublewith the internet so we got you a verylong Thank You their next tour so youcan put on your bed and use yourcomputer might have any dreams up rightproblem I didn’t know we could solve foryou but we did so I’m happy about thatand we did hook you guys up with someva+ energy to keep you goingstudying welcome why’d you like itthanks for letting us do this I have somuch fun so much fun I think you guys so much for watchingthis video um thank you so much

thevehicle energy for sponsoring thisentire Durham series if you want to seemore Durham series makeovers we havethem including two more in the seriesjust like this real student dorms yesthank you so much for checking out thisvideo guys if you liked it liked it ifyou love it serve it you

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