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hi guys it’s drew here from lone Fox andwelcome back to my channel today I havea new video that’s also like kind of notexactly new and you’re probably askingyourself what exactly does that mean andI’m going to tell you in just a secondso as many of you guys know over on mymain channel I’m drew Scott which I’vehad for about five or six years now I doa lot of men’s fashion and lifestylewhich is my first channel that I everstarted here on YouTube but there was atime on that channel where I actuallyuploaded ton of DIY projects and Ireally was focusing a lot on home decorand DIY and I realized that a lot ofthose actual followers didn’t reallyintersect like those a men’s fashionfollowers were interested in the DIY andthe DIY followers were interested in themen’s fashion which is very like commonI

could totally sense and see whybecause they’re completely differentindustries essentially so that is why Icreated the second channel that you’reon right now lone Fox because I have apassion for both like I love men’sfashion and I love DIY and supplies ornot supplies DIY and home decor and Iwant to thank everybody here so so muchfor giving this channel to alreadyalmost a hundred and twenty fivethousand subscribers that is absolutelyinsane but there are videos over on mymain channel that I private it a longtime ago that I’m still so proud of andhappy of and the content is so amazingand there are so many videos over onthat channel that were DIY focusedvideos where I had so many amazingprojects in them that I have unlistedfor quite a while now it essentiallymeans just take them off my channel butnot delete them but now I was thinkingto myself why don’t I just read downloadthem shush up the videos a little bitlike add a

little extra editing in therecolor them up and maybe even record somenew audio for them and just re-uploadthem here and make sure that theprojects are absolutely amazing cut outany of them that maybe aren’t up-to-dateor trendy and just upload that contentagain for you guys because it gives youan extra video so many more projects andthose videos also don’t go to wastebecause there is so much work put intothose and the projects are still thebest ever they’re so affordable sotrendy so modern up-to-date so fortoday’s video I reach out onto some ofthose old videos cuts them up picked outmy favorite DIYs and incorporating theminto this video where you get a total of10 DIY project and I can’t wait to hearwhat you guys think so definitely theythumbs up and let me know which projectthis video was

your favorite one andyeah I can’t wait to do more of thesevideos in the future so let me know yourthoughts in the comment section belowand let’s just get instays me videothis applies for this first DIY aresuper minimal all you need is a canvassome flowers or leaves and parchmentpaper so I gathered these from outsideand literally went around picked flowersleaves petals whatever I thought wasinteresting outdoors and all you have todo is press them and how you do this isyou lay down a piece of parchment or waxpaper and you lay down your florals orlike botanical pieces that you foundanother piece of parchment paper on topand just layer some heavy books on topof it and I actually kept this pressedfor about 4 days under the stack ofbooks you see right here and once theywere all completely pressed they lookedlike this and this is how they are goingto look and they’re actually going toretain the shape and color which isextremely nice you

basically pressed allof the life out of them and this is whatthey look like now so I layered them onmy canvas found out where I wanted toplace them and just sort of maneuveredit around for a while and found out Ilove this variation here glued them downwith hot glue and you are done with yoursuper inexpensive canvas DIY number two all you’re gonna need issome sea glass spray-paint a glue sticka vase ruler paper and scissors so Iabsolutely love the outlook of thisfrosted glass vase I thought it looks soexpensive and very West Elm asked andwhat I did was cut out two inch stripsfrom paper and just cut out sometriangle masks and basically you can cutout any shape you would like out of justregular old printer paper and apply abit of Elmer’s glue stick to the back ofthat and just let the Elmer’s glue stickdry because once this dries it actuallyturns into a slightly tacky

butremovable masking like piece it’s kindof like a post-it note if you guys knowwhat that is it’s basically a post-itnote you can put it on there and removeit so I actually placed these down andwherever the paper is the spray paint isnot gonna go in the glass so I thenbrought it to a box and sprayed a layerof this krylon sea glass spray paintwhich I got at Michael’s for about $4with a coupon code or a coupon and thenyou just pull off the little maskingpieces and it shows the clear glassthrough and I would highly suggest thatyou also put a mask on the top of it sothat the spray paint doesn’t get on theinsidebut it is removable with acetone toostill you know or the hanging near dia while you’regoing to need a square mirror some e6000an exacto knife some chain spray paintof choice a piece of wood ruler and someof those screw hooks and what you’regonna start off by doing is taking asmall piece of wood and cutting it downto 12 inches in width and I actuallyjust found this 24 inch piece fromMichael’s already like this it was

soldlike this for like a dollar 50 and Ijust cut it directly in half by swipingover it with an exacto knife a few timesI then proceeded to screw some of theselittle hooks in that are meant forhanging things on the ceiling orwhatever they’re meant for I use themand those are gonna be what’s going tohang up the jewelry and I suggest thatyou screw them towards the back morethen opposed to the front because it cansplit split the wood since is this woodis very thin and then after I got thosein I actually sprayed both pieces ofwood even the one with the little screwhooks on it with this hammered glassspray paint and then use my e3s e6000adhesive which is like super superstrong industrial cement basically toadhere down both sides and this is justgonna make sure that they stay supersecure on top of the glass mirror andthen I just let that sit for a fewminutesand or not a few minutes I more let itsit for overnight and then I added onthe chain as well using some big globsof e6000 adhesive and that basicallyfinishes off your

hanging mirror withjewelry holder this DIY may be the easiest but it’s oneof my favorites and all you’re gonnaneed is a lampshade some wood clipspaint and a hot glue gun so superminimal supplies and I first started offby taking my wood clips and paintingthem black and I just painted half ofthem black because I actually wanted itto be a variety of wood and black so Ifirst started off by just gluing theplain wood clips to the very top and Idid it about every three inches and thenbelow that in between I actually gluedthe black clips that I did right inbetween the brown clips and then I justfinished off with a bit of paint on topof the black and you’re basically doneyou can clip your mementos on and that’syour new lampshade this candle is inspired by the labocandles and I’m obsessed all you need isa tin can a wick some old candles and ahammer so again super minimal suppliesand you can reuse your candles which isamazing so I started off by

taking myjar and literally just hammering it Ihammered it so much with a hammer it wasso much fun and I just went around thejar gave it some Nicks and I love therustic distressed look of this I justthink it looks so industrial and it’sperfect for my apartment space as welland after that I went ahead and put askillet on the stove on very low heatand took two old candles the autumn oneon the right is new and used or new andunused but I just wanted to burn it downfor this DIY and I actually kept them onthe stove for about 25 minutes untilthey melted down to wax basically and Ipulled out the old wicks and thenbasically all you’re going to have to dois take them off the heat let them sitfor about 10 minutes so they’re notblazing hot and glue your wick down onthe inside of your hammered containerand then simply pour the wax in and Isuggest doing this over the top of asurface where flax gets on it it’s not abig deal so just pour your wax in waitfor it to dry and you have your newcandle it’s definitely updated and cool let’s get

into this wall hanging and allyou’re going to need is some wood dowelsyarn parchment paper paint and hot gluegun so I first started off with thesewood dowels which I found out Michaelsfor about three dollars they’re justlike toothpicks without the points andthe nice thing about glueing on top ofparchment paper is that the hot gluepeels off instantly it doesn’t stick atall so you can glue on top of it createshapes and then pull them off later so Iactually created these hexagon shapesusing these small wooden dowels and Icreated two hexagons that were smalleror just like hexagon shapes themselvesand then I created a larger center piecethat was actually three hexagonsconnected and a cool little tip for youguys is you can actually burn down thoseweld points with the tip of your hotglue gun so if you do need to like meltthat down or make it look smoother oranything if you added too much glue usethe tip to melt it down and this is thecenter point right here this like triplehexagon shape and then all you’re goingto need to do is take a bit of stringyarn whatever you wanted to use toattach and attach your

shapes togetherand usually have your brand new wallmobile hanging and I think this wouldlook so cool on a window on a mirror ona wall anywhere you want to add a littlebit of extra decor I also forgot tomention that I actually kept it plainwood over the black paint that I wasoriginally gonna do because I liked thewood look much better I feel like a pillow is always necessaryso I’m starting off with some Jerseypillow cases black dye a paintbrush andsome foam cups and I also did use atrash bag which I’m laying down on thetable right here just to protect mysurface and I’m going to lay out my foamcups or plastic cups or whatever you canjust dispose of later and I added a halfcup of warm water or hot water to eachcup and then what I did after that wasused the RIT powder dye and I put oneteaspoon in each cup but I buried it soone teaspoon in the first two teaspoonsin the second three in the third fourand the fourth and five and the fifth sobasically it’s just a more concentrateddye as I go down and the sucky thingkind of about this was that when youdidn’t have enough of the

black dye itwas actually purple which I didn’t likeat first but as it dried I actually kindof grew on me and I did like the purpleso keep that in mind if you’re wanting ablack or gray gradient you’re not reallygonna get it with this dye it’s gonna bemore purple based and all you’re gonnado is take your white y2 paintbrush andI just use like one of those painterspaint brushes that you paint a housewith and it just allowed me to soak up alot of die at once and I created agradient like this and nataly all and Ialso did this one which I think looks socool with the split down the center andthe other half is white in love withthis would you believe me if I told you thesecoasters cost an under $2 to make andall you’re gonna need is some foam coresome pleather fabric scissors an exactoknife ruler and East 6-thousand adhesiveso you’re first gonna start off bytaking your foam board and this isliterally like that project board youuse for science projects and it’s a

foambased one and you’re gonna cut them into4 by 4 inch squares I just found thiswas the nicest size for a coaster andthen I used this pleather fabric I foundat Joanne’s on sale for a dollar for 1/4yard of it and I just cut out with aboutan inch around each edge I did it veryroughly and I e6000 adhesive to the foamdown to the backing and then cut off thecorners like I’m doing here so basicallyyou’re gonna want a tiny bit exposed onthe corner like I’m showing because whenyou fold it over like this you want thatcorner to be pointed and you don’t wantit to be showing the foam core board allI’m gonna do after that is take thee6000 and glue it down and then press abook on top of it so that it keeps theweight on there and just let it dry fora few hours the supplies for this rustic bowl are sosimple all you’re gonna need is a glassbowl some air dry clay paint and apaintbrush so this is

the air dry clay Iactually got this at Target in the kidssection it’s very easy to work with Ilove it I’m never gonna switch back tothe normal clay plus it dries in the airwhich is really nice compared to havingto like physically go bake it in an ovenyou know so I took this dollar bowl fromTarget it’s just a glass bowl and Icovered it in a layer of the air driedclay and once you have your full layeron I use a little bit of water on myfingertips to just smooth the surfaceand I actually learned this in aceramics class I took in high school soit’s coming in handy right now but youcan use just a little bit of water itsmooths down the surface and it makesall cracks disappear and just everythingjust kind of melt a little bit betterand then I used a small piece ofparchment paper and a heavy object tocreate a new bottom for this bowl andthen after that I used a paintbrush andI use the end the opposite end of thepaintbrush to draw in some horizontallines just because I wanted a little

bitof texture and then once again went backin with that water to just clean up thelines and this made it look so muchbetter like if I didn’t use this itwould have looked a little bit rough andjagged which it did on the top which Iwas able to fix with this nail file soused a nail file to roughen or justclean off those edges and lastly went inwith a little bit of paints this is justwatered-down black paint and I justpainted it however I felt I did a littlebit of an ombre and then also filled inall those lines to just deepen thedesign and out of my signature on thebottom for authenticity gotta save one of my favorites for lastand all you’re gonna need for this issome more foam core and album east 6000black cord an exacto knife and yourruler so what you’re gonna start off bydoing is measuring out to 14 by 14 inchsquares on your foam board and keeping -foam board is literally from

the DollarTree so super inexpensive and after youcut out your 14 by 14 squares on one ofthem you’re going to cut a window outand how I did this was measured in oneand a quarter inches on all edges andthen cut out the square it created inthe center which you could see me doingright now that will create the windowwhich you’re going to see the albumthrough so what I did was I then cut outtwo half inch strips of the foam coreand just whatever size because I’mactually going to fit it to length hereso you’re gonna lay your album down putthe half inch piece down and then fit itto length so you’re gonna want it to goaround three edges because you’re goingto want the album to be able to slipthrough the topso I took my e6000 adhesive and glued itdown to the album as close as I could tothe album because we’re gonna have alittle bit of cording on the outside inbetween the sandwich frame in the framebacking if that makes sense you’ll seewhat

I mean in a second here so I gluedthose down like such and then I addedanother layer of glue on top of thosepieces and sandwiched on the top of theframe so this is gonna finish off theframe you can slip your album in theblack cord goes all the way around andyou tied in a knot you hang it on thewall and this was like a $2.00 albumframe which I am totally obsessed withyou can customize it however you’d likeas wellso guys that was today’s video I hopeyou enjoyed and I hope that some ofthose projects were useful for you guysbecause they are some of my favoritepast projects that I’ve created and Ijust could not let that content go towaste so definitely make sure tosubscribe to this channel for new videosevery single week and for your dailydose of DIY you can also follow loneFoxx home on Instagram I’ll put it onthe screen for you guys write posts justlike home styling photos inspirationsome of my DIY projects and all thatsort of stuff over on there

and yeah Ithink that’s really all for today I hopeyou have an amazing day and yeah I loveyou so muchand I’ll catch you next time bye guys

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