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what is going on guys hope you guys aredoing good so today I’m going to begiving you guys a quick tour of my superminimalistic room now when I talk aboutminimalism I’m not talking about havingjust the bare minimal essentials I’mtalking about all in the sense that Iuse all these products very very veryfrequently they add a ton of value to mylife and I just genuinely enjoy usingthem so that’s how I personally perceiveminimalism it’s just about how Iconsciously spend my money and only buywhat I need if you think minimalism isjust buying the bare minimum and justreally focusing on that set number ofproducts and that’s totally up to you soyou guys a lot of you guys know I justrecently moved down and I finally got myroom together now my new room it’sactually a little bit smaller than myold room so I have to be super you knowcautious about how many things I wasowning what I was owning hopefully youguys can get some ideas from me all theproducts of furniture that I mentionedtoday are going to be listed

in thedescription box down below than that Ithink that’s pretty much it we’re gonnaget started with this videoalrighty guys so coming in from the roomright next to it is my littleworkstation so this desk is from ikeathis is the infamous Alex desk Iactually really enjoy how narrow it isit doesn’t take up too much space widthwise and the length is actually reallynice the biggest drawing point of thisdesk is the cable management storageright over here so I can actually put mymacbook charger in here along with allthe cords and then it’s also just keepsit very clean and minimal this is justmy macbook pro which i had for like fouryears still going strong and this one myfitness bullet journal along with thesharpie pen which actually made a videoon so if you guys are interesteddefinitely check that out but the reasonwhy I don’t have any things like officesupplies staplers things like that isbecause most of my work actually all ofmy work is paperless so my onlinecoaching and my personal training so Idon’t need a lot of things on

my desknext is this chair it’s also from Ikeasurprise surprise but pretty much Iwanted a chair that was very small butalso very sturdy previously I had a bigcomfy office chair and I found that Iwas just kind of slacking in it I wouldalways just have the report posture withthis I’m actually able to rest my backfully against it and sit upright andjust work and it’s actually really realnice so I don’t get too lazy it’s a veryhard and sturdy chair this is also fromIkea moving right next right over hereis actually the washroom it’s my ensuitewhich I’m not gonna go over in thisvideo but if you guys want to see aminimalistic washing tour definitely letme know now these are all the things Iuse on a daily so my watch my businessiPad and my phone along with my car keysand a super slim wallet slash cardholder now if you just open up thedrawer I have some earphones my personaliPad an external hard drive my SLRcamera and a tripod mount and thenunderneath here I just have myheadphones which is charging right nowbut also I use this kind of cablemanagement system not cable managementbut this thing that holds

the cords inplace so when you take all of these outyour cords actually still stay on thedesk so you don’t have to you know reachfor it down here or anything like thatso these actually really help well soI’m not too sure what you call this butbasically it replaces four differentpower blocks and all comes from the samesource I think it does kind of changethe charging time for the technology orwhatever just because it does divide itup however because I charge these mostlyovernight I don’t really notice a bigdifference alright and next is my bedwhich I also got from Ikea I’m not toosure what its cause I’m just gonna linkit down below some pillows bed sheetsand a duvet which is actually a downalternative I got all these little bedthings from Amazon so I’ll link themdown below to this is actually reallynice other than that what else do I gothere oh right over here is where I keepall the batteries for my camera so formy SLR over here and for the vloggingcamera which I’m using right now otherthan that um there I am

that’s prettymuch it so this is pretty much my roomthese are closets which are actuallyreally really big so maybe if you guyswant like a my event in focus so if youguys want like a closet tour I could dothat also but yeah I guess that’s prettymuch it for my minimal room like I saidit’s very very minimal I really onlyhave the things I use very frequently oradd a lot of value in my life other thanthatyou guys want to see a minimalisticcloset tour and a washroom tour which isback over there definitely let me knowin the comment section down belowother than that hope you guys enjoy thisvideo hope you guys got some ideas nowobviously a minimalistic room doesn’thave to be monochromatic like this Iknow it’s a very popular aesthetic Ipersonally really enjoy it that’s why Iwent kind of what the theme it alsolooks very clean however you do youminimalism whatever it means to you youdo it I don’t even think this isn’tfocused but other than that guyshopefully you guys enjoy this video andI’ll talk to you guys next time

thanksguyswait that doesn’t work alright there wego

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