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a big thank you to my sponsorSquarespace the perfect place to getyour website domain or online store heyguys I am somewhere in the east of Spainafter spending two weeks in Girona andthen another two weeks or so inBarcelona I am a couple of days out inthe Spanish mountains from where in thisamazing house for a product I’m doing soI thought that since America buildingsand might as well show you what theplace look like because this is the byfar the weirdest and most wonderfulplace I’ve ever been and I think youguys would like it too actually are mykeys broke so we only have the onboardmic on the camera so I’m gonna do voiceover it explain everything because thissound probably is quite bad but let’s dothis let’s check this place outand start with the bedroom actuallylet’s start outdoors this is where thehouse looks like from outside it’s in itcrazy-cool and use a look at that viewof the mountains this house is calledCasa Sol appear so maybe I alreadymentioned that and it is by an amazingproject by Christian and put down I’mnot sure how you pronounce that so Ihope I didn’t butcher his

name but it iswe found it through boutique homes so ifyou want to check it out I will put alink to the website in the descriptionthat’s me wavering from inside and asyou can see it’s just windows windowswindows and all of those windows you canjust push to the side and make the housecompletely like wall free sort of justlike you’re living outside so that’spretty coolthis is what the house looks like whenyou get in you come into this likealmost like an underground area whereyou have the pool and a couple ofwindows into the pool so you can checkout your boyfriend’s legs when is thisswimming around if you know what I meanand as you walk up you will find thepool and the pool is something asunusual as an outdoors indoors poolit has walls but no ceiling so it’s likean outside room in the middle of thehouse and then the house the room so thehouse is built in a square around thisoutdoors areaso it is like a you know turned aroundtwisted around inside-out house reallyunusual and super cool so it’scompletely symmetrical all the rooms arelike equally as big there are twobedrooms kitchen and a lounge and

thisis one of the bedrooms the one we chosefor ourselves because it has a desk init and as you can see look at thoseviews in those windows and the light itis crazy cool and it has curtains so youcan draw them if you want some privacynot that there are any people around inthose secluded areas of the mountainsbut it was super super lovely to sleepthere and this is the bathroom connectedto the bedroom and it has a shower juston top of in the ceiling so you closethe door into this tiny little room andthen you shower and it’s like watersplashes everywhere you have mirrorseverywhere so you can you know check outyour own bump when you’re showering ifyou want and the water just runs downinto the little train there mirrorseverywhere so cool all the rooms areconnected by these little outdoor spaceslike terraces so you walk out onto thisouter space before getting into the nextroom so there are four completelysquared terraces that you can sit downon enjoy the Sun in your interview andthen just walk on into the lounge and Ithink it’s so clever here that they justtook all the furniture in

the room andjust like pointed them out towards theview because the view here is really thestart so you can just sit there relaxhave a cup of coffee and take it all inand as you can see yes that’s a rockingchair I did try it out it was crazycomfortable I’m not sure why rockingchairs are so comfortable it’s just likeall the worries of the world justdisappear when you rock why is that Ihave no idea by the way you case you’vebeen asking me about my eyebrows latelybecause I’ve been posting so many photoson Instagram on my eyebrows I haven’tgrown them out they’re just drawn onjust like we did in the eyebrows video awhile back and it’s so much fun that Ican both have them shaved off and did itcompletely eyebrow less look and I canalso just paint them on whenever I wantto and haveso I’m just experimenting a little bitlet me know what you think if you likethe drawn one so if you think that theylook wacky or unnatural okay moving oninto the kitchen through another littleTerrace and then we come into the lovelykitchen it’s just as

gorgeous as all theother rooms in the house David ideas andloved it cooking in there it is just soserene and clean and simple and as youcan see it’s like a minimalist dreambecause everything is like you knownatural elements and muted colors andall like the equipment in the kitchen islike built-in so it’s like very seamlessand sleek looking like the fridge andthe stove and everything is behind thesewooden doors and by the way the nightwhen we arrived it was like the biggestcraziest thunderstorm so that you hadall these like lightnings coming acrossthe the sky crazily huge lightning so wehave this panoramic view of the mostepic thunderstorm everit was completely visually overwhelmingwe were like awestruck okay so now we’reback in the little pool area and it waslittle bit too windy when we were thereto go swimming but we did and joined theview of it yeah this house is by far themost epic house I have ever been in itis you know if you get the chance

youshould definitely go and check it out Ihope that you liked it too I think it’sjust crazy cool I think that’s it fromSpain you guys I’m back in Berlin andI’m super happy to be home thank youguys for watching and don’t forget togive me a thumb if you like this kind ofhouse tour videos I would love to makemore of them I think they’re super funand click Subscribe if you are new to mychannel so that I will see you in thenext one take care bye again thinkingSquarespace for being my sponsor youshould check out Squarespace if you’rethinking about getting a domain name ora website or maybe an online store ofyour own what I really like aboutSquarespace is that they have suchgorgeous templates that you can use butare like really modern and sleek lookingso you don’t have to be like all ofbrainy tech genius and do all thatcoding yourself to get gorgeous websiteyou can use to

use their templates andthere are 24/7 customersis also there to help go get your freetrial today at and usethe offer codeJenny mustard to get 10% off your firstpurchase thank you guysciao tease night I don’t know maybe shejust take it away or maybe actually yeahlet’s just keep it together I know noone will help it I promise now that wewill make it completely free foreveryone with health care and it willnot cost the taxpayer it will get betterand cheaper more powerful and epic Iwill have proof of this tomorrow andthen tomorrow night okay so where’s theproofI never said anything

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