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today we’re in my sister’s apartment asyou can tell by the backdrop I am in adifferent locationI helped her make over her living roomand dining nook with article so thisvideo is in collaboration with articleas you guys know I love article and haveused them before and a lot of my videosand room makeovers so I’m happy to beworking with them again and I’m gonnagive you a tour around Kimberly’s houseand show you a bit of you know some ofthe concerns that were in this area andkind of the living and dining area andsome of the design hurdles that we hadto overcome to make the space functionlook nice and fit her like aesthetic andvibe so this apartment is an old apartmentbut relatively like recently remodeledand it’s kind of more like builderfinishes like builder grade finishes sothe walls are phased it’s just as brownbeige carpet and then kind of like alinoleum I guess they did I

feel like alittle bit more trendy in the kitchen ormaybe more timeless and they did like adarker kind of grey brown linoleum typeof flooring and then she has whitecabinets and a black countertop so inthe kitchen it’s pretty classic wherethe like design struggles mainly were inthe living area and the reason for thatis because this space is not just atypical rectangle I think because of theway the building is and built at all theapartments have these really cool kindof bay window pump out areas which arebeautiful but can be a bit of a hurdledesign-wise figuring out how the heck doyou layout furniture in this type ofliving room so this living room has toact as a place to relax watch TV overhere to my left and then also to be aspace where you can entertain and havefriends and family over so we startedwith this beautiful sofa from article itis a more traditional l-shaped sectionaland this fits perfectly in the corner ofthis apartment this is really the onlytwo like walls like this so it made alot of sense to use a sectional in thiscorner versus like a you know standalonea sofa with like chairs maybe it’ll makemore sense as I kind of walk you aroundthis room and you get kind of a vibe

butthe sectional really helps to kind ofanchor the space to create an opening tothe rest of the room out this waybecause off to you know kind of overthere is the kitchen dining area andthen off to that sidethat bay window that I was talking aboutand then just this way is the TV so byplacing the sectional off into thiscorner like this it keeps it really openand inviting to the rest of the space sothat if you were to have friends andfamily over it’s really easy for peopleto kind of mingle from the kitchendining area off into the living room andnothing feel like closed off oruninviting and it also makes for a verycomfy and cozy place to watch TV but youcan also get a view out all of theiramazing windows in this apartment sobeing there with an l-shaped sectionalwe decided to use a square rugunderneath the sectional just because itfelt like it would ground this sectionala bit better and we weren’t going to befloating any more furniture off of it soa rectangular rug would have kind ofjetted out a little bit too much so westuck with a square rug underneath thissofa and then we anchored it with acoffee table we don’t with a rectangularcoffee table it has some drawers in itwhich are great for storing things likeremotes and stuff out of sight and thenit leaves for a nice surface for drinksand you know things that you want to putonto a hard surface so then over herethis is where it gets a littleinteresting design wise this is that baywindow while it is beautiful and it justcan be hard to figure out how to lay outa space like this so we grounded theroom this is kind of the main focalpoint of the living

room over here atthe sectional and then we added twochairs a pair of chairs here in the baywindow kind of floating off the wall andthe reason to kind of pull them out wasto make it so everything didn’tobviously like line up against the wallsall the way around but also it justfeels more inviting it kind of makes itfeel a little bit cozier in here and youdon’t feel like if you’re sitting inthese chairs you’re completely out ofthe loop from what’s happening over hereon the sectional it feels like it’s allone kind of grouped space but this isits own little vignetteover here and then we have this reallycute little woven basket like side tablecoffee table thing it’s a great heightit also has storage in here and again ithelps to kind of create this littleconversation a seating area over herewhen you have a guest over and then wealso added a pouf from article because Iam obsessed with poops pretty much Ithink they’re super functional there youcan kick your feet up on them on thecouch or on the chairs but you can alsoif you’re having like more people overpull it out and it can be likeadditional seating and you guys can likewatch a game or something like that me Ithink your friends and family are butfor now we just kind of saw it off tothe side so next to the poop over hereis this cabinet it’s extra cabinet thatwas made by our like

great-grandfatherit’s a little worn on the top but Ithink that it adds a really cool andconversational piece because you knowit’s made by somebody in our family butalso adds a lot of warmth the wood tonesand a lot of character to the space thisball here divides the bay window and theother bay window that holds the diningtable over there and putting a cabinetlike this really helps to kind of dividethis space and ground this wall so thatit didn’t feel so like vast and open itkept this room feeling like its ownseparate kind of cozy area and thedining room is off you know on the othertransition over the floor which helpsour gonna divide them but this alsohelps to kind of anchor this space heretoo and then over here this is thedining room or like kitchenette type ofnook I just really wanted the diningtable to be in the window because theywhose amazing huge bay windows and totake advantage of that such like awonderful spot to like have your coffeeany breakfast and stuff in the morningso then this space over here was justkind of a random recess no because theydidn’t extend the cabinets all the wayout here with the kind of remodel thatthey did in this apartment so instead wekind of decided to add some floatingshelves to

make it feel like an extentof the kitchen itself so we added twoshelves and then styled them with allthe fun things that you find in akitchen and just cute pretty things andthen we ground it with there’s actuallya set of these cabinets that mygrandfather made underneath it for morestorage in the kitchen another surfacespace and then next to that we have justa nice little plant to add kind of aobviously green element again but alittle bit of a sculptural moment tothis kind of very square angular spacewe have going on this table here isactually a hand-me-down and a great wayto like upcycle a table that you may befound a second hand or god-gifted andit’s in good condition but it feels alittle like dated you’re a little toolike in this case it was a little likeGrandma thing with the upholstery thatwas on the chairs just reupholster yourchairs it is one of the easiest andreally inexpensive ways to modernize aset of dining chairs and a kind of anold vintage table I got this fabric justfrom jo-ann fabrics reupholstered it popthem back on and now it feels much moremodern and fitting with the space so youcan

see behind me the whole way out ofthe living room this is kind of a goodshot of it you can see the sectionalover here that were the grounds and it’slike the focal point of the living roompair next to it in the bay window withthese beautiful they’re like a I don’tknow like a they’re like a bluey tealvelvet chairs from article with theseblack legs and I think just looks sosophisticated and have like an elementof whimsy in the room because there havekind of curves to them I think it helpsto kind of break up some of the lovelike square square squares ankles inhere and then you can see the cabinetthat’s dividing the space that kind ofhelps to break the two spaces up givesyou kind of a nice overview of the roadbehind me so when I hang up stuff on thewalls I take into consideration a fewthings like ceiling heights inapartments can vary you can kind of havelowceiling heights or in this case the wallright there that has like a soffitrunning above it so with that if we wereto put those two tall posters on theleft side of the sofa it would have feltreally short really cramped becausethose posters would have been likealmost touching the soffit but a bigpiece of artwork was really needed tokind of balance out the largeness of thesectional so we shifted them and putthem on the right side because we havefull ceiling height there and then weadded these really cool clay I don’teven know what I want to call them

but IDIY them and I will make a video on howI made them I promise but they turnedout really cool and they just kind ofadd a really cool sculptural element Imean three of them and group them into anice little grouping of three and thenalso in this bay window area to reallykind of make it feel cozy and even likemore inviting around those chairs andthose chairs feeling like they’re morepart of the space of the sectional wehung some curtains in there and curtainsjust really do an amazing job for makingsomething like an apartment or a rentalspace feel really homey and cozy andthen greenery and lots and lots ofgreenery to your space plants I meanthey have an amazing amount of sunlightand natural light in this space so Ifilled them up with lots of plants inhere because I love plants but evenlittle things like some that you canlift this like this I love this stuffbecause it’s really inexpensive and itlasts for a long time and then when itdoes actually dry out it still prettymuch looks like this so you can have itstill sitting out for like months I havethat at my house and I just think itlooks so pretty and adds a lot of likewhimsy again and like sculpturalelements of the space and it’s just Ilove greenery it just makes

every roomfeels so much better article is an original modern furniturebrand engineering remarkably betterexperiences article offers a flat ratefee of $49 or $19 for small shipmentsfor most orders no matter how lightchoose from affordable upgrade optionsfor in-room delivery and assembly acheck out article offers a 30 daysatisfaction guarantee so you can tryout your new furniture in your home ifyou’re not completely happy they’ll pickup the furniture at the rider refund -delivery and pick up charges which is$49 in most cases I wanna say thank you to article forpartnering with me again on this videothe pieces that are from article in thespace are that sectional those amazingchairs and the pouf I have all the itemsfrom article linked in the descriptionbelow thank you guys so much forwatching this video I hope you enjoyedseeing an apartment makeover and enjoyedme kind of walking around and talkingthrough the space a little bit differentfor me and talking about the differentdesign challenges I ran into and howthey overcame them and everything inthis video is renter friendly which ithink is a fun change for my channel alink as many things that I can down inthe description box below if you’relooking for a specifics like the coffeetable or rug or and stuff like that andthen all the items from article as wellare gonna be linked in the descriptionI’ll also have a blog post with photosand again the links of things that arein there so thank you guys so much forwatching and I will see you a minute [Laughter]you

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