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okay guys another one my quick show-and-tell is here this one here some LED strip lighting in red green and blue that I picked up for underneath my cabinets here eventually I’ll do thewhole kitchen with these I just finishedup these here I’m still waiting I knowyou’ll notice that right there that’sthe transformer I wanted to show you fortoday’s purposes also be hidden but Ihaven’t open – a 9-volt battery I gotthis set up on eBayI thought it came with the power supplyyet be careful read read closely thisone did not and so basically what I gotis a strip lights which I’ll show whatthey look like this is what you get Igot two rolls of this and you can cutthese where it

says to cut right thereso if you want to shorten them up andthey have red green and blue LEDs noweach LED gessen doesn’t produce redgreen and blue you have three separateLEDs and what they do is they overlap incolor kind of like your standardold-school projection TV where you hadthree color gunsyou get all colors out of those so itcomes with this stuff the LEDs comeswith this little device right herethat’s your your controller it comeswith this CI red 12-volt wire and theygave you a wire so I’m not sure what youwould even do with that for today’spurpose I just hooked up to a 9-voltbattery just so you can see that theaction you know what color they looklike when they’re on and then of courseyou have where it plugs into the

LED andthen you have the infrared sensor therethat’s how you change the color now thiswill be tucked away but the infraredsensor will actually be kind of kind ofI’ll kind of tack it underneath herewhere you won’t really see it but you’llbe still be able to change the color bypointing the remote at iteleven dollars you really can’t go wrongyou can pick them up for like twelve orthirteen with this power supply whenthat comes next week or next coupleweeks this will all be finished up fortoday’s purposes we have the nine voltbattery so what you do is you justthey’re they’re really sticky they looklike a stick tape on the back you peelpeel off the protective uh just coverthere though you know kind of like adouble stick tape and you just stickthem on I used to have rope lightingunder here and I thought that one sidewent out and when I was unplugging Imight turn back on and I already had acommitted myself to putting this set uphere I did order another set for

mybedroom I kind of liked the idea ofhaving kind of cheesy colored LED lightsall over thebut being hidden so if you want to kindof entertain or you know have thebuddies over and kind of kick it crankup some tunes you kind of have a littlebit more of a Club feel I’ve alwaysliked so anyway the only thing I don’tlike about them we change some colorshere well let me show you what I do likeBAM you get the blue change the redgreen blue and you have all the colorshere that’s pretty good aboutduplicating colors you have a couplefeatures which can be kind of cool ifyou’re cranking up the tunes you flashlights you can make it slowlyautomatically change color you canchange the speed you can dim them and Ibelieve you can put in user settingsright here if you want I just kind oflike the blue that’s what I like it’snice when you come downstairs in themiddle night I use a lot of lighting allof the house so it’s never really darkbut it gives a really cool glow andreflects really nice off the floor onlynegative thing I have to say is white

ifyou want that white look you kind ofhave a green kind of a greenish tintbecause you are having all LEDs on rightnow red green and blue and they’reoverlapping color is trying to producewhite and they do not do it all thatwell but so if it does bother me in thefuture I’ll buy a set of warm LED striplights and put those alongside and justchoose what I want to use and you canactually mount the sensor oh you knowover here if you wanted to down on thisside but anyway for $11 is pretty darngood they look pretty cool and they’llgive some really cool lighting in thekitchen here what I’m

you know kickingback with my friends or whatnot sohonest review really great for the moneyI’ve seen you know LED setups on thereyou know that are pretty expensivefor these you can do a lot of neat stuffwith them as long as you have somewhereto plug them in make sure you readcorrectly make sure they come with thepower supply so you have to you know getdisappointed when you get them afterwait to finish the job um my other ideais I’m gonna put them behind myheadboard to get like some nice moodlighting and what you remember these aremeant to be hidden so you don’t want tosee the lights today it looks reallycheesy when they’re hidden

like this andyou just have that cool glow they canjust turn on and off at your demand youknow go ahead and turn them off therethere you go this looks like yourstandard you know kitchen no big dealeventually I’ll put them up underneaththe cabinets here but it’s kind of abigger jocks at the drill holehere tack the wires I don’t want to takemy time and do it correctly this one’skind of threw on there because you knowyou really it’s underneath the counterso that you’re not going to really seeanything the wires were long enough forthe gaming enough that I didn’t reallywasn’t too concerned wasting lady so Idid waste LEDs by instead of splicingthem and

running a wire behind the ovenI went ahead and just ran LEDs behindthe oven it gives a little glow on thesides and it worked out fine for $11 whoreally cares if you’re wasting some LEDsso there it is that’s my review uh justshop smart make sure you get that powersupply and if you have any questions goahead and let me know thanks forwatching

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