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hey guys listen I need so I wanted toshow you a video on the new undercabinet lights that we got so this isgonna be a little informal video I’m notgonna be in this one so it’s just alittle talked through I guess so Iwanted it to show you I have them offright now but we did put LED striplights under our cabinets now I’m gonnashow you what he did I don’t have himactual video of him doing it but it’s sosimple and I want to show you underneaththe cabinet so you guys can see exactlyhow he did it I mean I could probably doit but he had to get the electric beportable drill and he had to use that soI’m really not that great with the drillbut I do want to show you I so this iswhat it looks like when it’s off looksjust like thatso I’m actually actually let me show youfirst how it looks like underneath sobefore we did have other lights that’swhy you can see these here and this herebut they were never working properly sothis is where the LED strip is so it’slike a rubber material and the actuallike little clamp or clasp whatever thatis is rubber as well so it’s reallyflexible and easy to maneuver so whatyou have to do you just literally haveto lay it flat drill in the littlewhatever these

things are these littleclasp things and that’s it you just kindof put them in place so what we did sothat he still has to do I think underthe hood right here we have to get somedouble-sided tape so you bring itunderneath the hood and then back uphere so as you can see again it has thislittle clasp here and then you just haveto drill two holes and then same forhere all aroundsee these are from the previous onesthat we had and ripped off some of thepaint so yeah so it is pretty simple youjust have to literally just drill and gothat’s all we did so we do actually haveto finish putting this up here so thishe’s actually probably gonna do tonightwhen he gets home so it does come with aremote and then this here is what youhave to point the remote to so you canturn it on and off so any noise have tothe side because we’re gonna be puttingthis behind the fringe but I’m gonna putthis here so I can set it there we goand I’m gonna show you so what I’m gonnado I’m going to shut off the lightsand I’m going to turn it on imal there’sa backlight on so this is what it lookslike when it turns on it is so cool youcan do any pretty much any color so thisis the remote if you can see here thisis what

that looks like but this is likea I would say like a pinkish bluish toneit on the camera actually looks blue butit’s more like a pink purple so what youcan do now you can add a little moreblue to it which is so cool now Iprobably just stick to the white and Ikind of like that purpley pink color soif you want to add purple this issupposed to be like better purple ormaybe that’s a dark blue so that’s thedark blue and then you can add go to thered take an orange i colorblind 3 sothat’s more like a warmer tone like anorangetake an orange yellow tone don’t thatlooks so cooland then see whatever there’s like aChristmas green it’s actually likereally green it’s crazy because youcan’t really tell in the camera but ifyou’re in person you can definitely seethe color so that’s the green numbersare red that’s like Christmas red mydaughter loves this whenever she comesin and she’s like obsessed this isyellow to em neon yellow like a teal now the cool part of it youhave some other options here so one saysjump fade free jump seven quick slowauto flash and fade seven so if I showyou what quick is hold on let’s speed jump

so this gets mea little dizzy I probably wouldn’t havethis going on my husband probably wouldbecause he is who used to be a deejayback in his day so he for him loves ushe would probably have a party with usthis gets me dizzy but it’s cool to haveI mean it’s pretty cool to have and thenjump seven I don’t know what jump sevenand does that even okay so it justchanges a little bit the way it lightson and off and then fade so the fadegoes a little slower and it fades fromdifferent colors that actually doesn’tget me as dizzy as the other ones I meanit’s a little too fastwhat’s faith this is faith 7 so this hasa good difference again somethingdifferent let’s flash oh yeah see Ican’t handle flash this just gives me aheadachebut very cool to have the featureand then quick and slow that’s low and I’m just going to keep itto my simple set auto that you presslet’s see I’m gonna turn this off okayand I’m going to turn it back on alsodoing that hold onlet’s figure this out there we go so I’m gonna put it to whitebecause that’s what I like it’s thewhite color and that’s the white and Ilove this and I like that like pink tonetoo so if you want to add a little morepink you can always go to so W meanswhite the B means we bring you to alight that’s better so the W

means whitethe B is blue the G is green and the Ris red so I’m just gonna add a littlemore pink okay and it kind of gives itlike a Formica but how cool is thisguy’s so I we ended up getting thesefrom Lowe’s I think there were 53dollars I’ll insert a picture of it ofthe brand and exact when we got that Idid actually have puff lights before andso what happened with those sorry mybracelet got stuck on something so whathappened with the puff like that we hadthe pup lights worked for a few weeksand I would have him iron off not on allthe time and for some reason they juststopped working and then they would workone day and they would work tonight likethey would work the next and it was justlike annoying so we took them off afterlike a month of them not working and wereturned them and then we bought anotherkind of puck light which was abattery-operated one and that one youcouldn’t even like it was just an itlooks like you didn’t even have lightunder the cabinet so then I saw this onyoutube I think it was I forget therewas two people that had it and I wasobsessed with itso I had to pick them up for myself butit looks so awesomeI am obsessed with it under lightingdefinitely makes your kitchen look somuch better I love itit just

makes it look a little moreelegant and I’m obsessed and just to letyou guys know this is put the crownmolding looks like what my husband didon the CGI’s side but how good does thatlook he did such a great jobyeah he has to finish something to putit on the rest of the kitcheneventually the crown molding will begoing around the whole house but he dida great job and we are gonna be changingthat light fixture so it can match thefunction like this here but it looksgreat guys so yeah that is it guys Ihope you enjoyed this last minute videobut I had a few of you guys wanting tosee how we installed it at the time itwas just so much stuff going on that Ididn’t have any time to film but I hopemy little talk through was easy it isvery easy exactly what I did what I saidis what he did it was so simple like Isaid I could have probably done itmyself but I’m not that great with thedrill especially when the nail the thosescrews are very little and drills bigand you have nails like me it doesn’twork so thank God for my husband you’redoing that but that is it guys I hopeyou enjoyed this little informal videoof my under cabinet light

and I will seeyou guys again very soon thanks forwatching bye

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