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so you know the drill we are hanging pendants we have chosen three and the question to you is what do we need to bethinking about when it comes to hanging these things structure first to make sure we can mount the boxes for the pendants okay we want those up here in the ceiling over the pin so what isupstairs open attic well that’s good news right perfect great access and so what else we need to think about power requirements what we’re going to use to feed these with I’ve got a two games witch here that we’re going to change that to a three game at a dimmer for thet hree pendants over the counter top first thing you do of course is turn the power off to the switches pull the switches out of the wall at that point it’s a good time to go ahead and start marking your wires so you know exactly where you took

them from now we just unhook the wire from the screws right here thesetabs they’re designed to hold the wiresin place what you have to do is bend thetabs out of the way so then you can justpush the wires back in the law and wewant a little bit more room while wework so we’ll take the three game boxwe’ll hold it up here we’ll mark it offbefore you install our three game wehave to get a runaway from here to thependants to do that we’ve got to go fishtape down the wall tug around pull it upso we can connect it all right here wesee the wire going down to the switchsimple drill a hole right beside it it’snice to have that first wire help uslocate the second one sure isalright pull it on up now this is thewire we ran from the Attic down for ourpendants it’s our switch leg and insidethis we have a black which is the hutt awhite which is the neutral and the bearhere which is the ground

okay put yourswitch leg in first we’ve got thesemarks so just a simple matter ofsticking them up in the box so the oldtwo gang box had these tabs on it sothat a nail could be put through 245 tosecure it to the 2×4 that’s not going towork for us in this retrofit here forthe three gang how you going to securethat Chris just with standard drywallscrews right through this out of the boxinto the stud now we just reconnect thetwo switches we took apart followingyour labeling that you put on them lineup your screws they just simply screwthis in place and move on to the otherswitches so Chris we have two circuitscoming into this box one circuit goes tothis switch and that is all wired up sowe’re fine with that one the othercircuit which comes right to this blackhot right here fed one fixture but nowwe need this single black to feed twofixtures how we can do that withpigtails two little short pieces of wireBend hooks on them strip them back goahead and attach them to your incomingsingle why not all that put it back inthe box what you’re doing this

right nowis a good time to to go ahead and takeyour hot for your other switch feed iton over here sort of locate ityeah and it’s in place so to existingswitches rewired and now it’s time toput in the third switch in this casewe’ve chosen a dimmer right alrightlet’s get to what we want to do isCenter these pendants over the peninsulaokay so what I’ve done is I’ve dividedthe countertop in half width wise findour center points there and I havedivided it into fourths lengthwise okaythat’s where you see the three X’s righthere so this is where the pendants willactually be on the ceiling yes okay wewill transfer these from the counter topto the ceiling using the plumb bob okayso we know exactly what we’re opinionsare gonna go on the ceiling okay nowjust drill a pilot hole for each of ourmarksso it looks

like you’re putting at leasttwo screws into each pancake box andyou’ve also put a ground wire on eachone of them and then these connectorsright here so that when you push thewire through it won’t pull back exactlywe’ve drilled through that top plate soby code we have to sell that off withfire code now we need to run our switchleg into our first pancake box you justpush it in now we need to run one to ournext box from our first box then we haveone more to run from our second throughour last box for our last pendant I’vestripped all the ends off of all thewires for the romex we’ve made ourjoints last thing is to hook the lightto the romex and then mount it to thebox now we have to do is fasten thecanopy to the pancake box with the studsand the finished nuts are supplied withthe fixture all right here we goall right that’s beautifulyou

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