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hello subscribers and visitors thanksfor joining me today I’m going to takeyou through under cabinet lighting notonly the installation process but alsohow to choose the right lights for yourcabinets I did at least two months worthof research there was a lot of workgoing into deciding what to purchasehere and what to install in this kitchenand I’m gonna teach you all about thatand again show you how to install themso stay with me through the entire videoand you’ll learn everything you need toknow about under cabinet lighting so inyou know searching for lighting for thiskitchen remodel I think other undercabinet lighting was the most difficultthing for me personally to to researchthere are so many different options andthe problem is is you can’t go to astore often and see what they look likea lot of it is ordering online a lot ofmisinformation and conflictinginformation out

there and the otherthing is is when you talk about wiringthese things into your room yourcabinets sometimes the decision you makeis permanent because of the wire youchoose you know some wires for exampleif you’re using tape lighting which Ilooked into you you might need to run aspecial wire for those lights that aredifferent than the type of wire youwould run for this so so it took a lotand and then I was reading about colortemperature and the various differenteffects of those different temperaturesso you know these lights that I finallydecided on are come in different lengthsthis is a 32 ounce32 inch length that will fit under thislarger cabinet here I bought a coupletwenty fours and a couple of eight inchsizes that’ll fit behind the the smallerones okay so that way I’ve got lightunderneath everything the other thingthat I liked about this is that we’vegot three color temperatures here we’vegot the 2700 of the 3000 and

the 4000the light fixtures that I’ve gotin the ceiling right now our 3,500 soyou know depending on what mood I want Imight want to keep the thirty fives andmaybe go with a warmer 2700 underneaththe great news is that these lights giveme that opportunity to to switch themwith these switches and also dim them inaddition to the dimming capability hereI can also which I will do is put adimmer on the wall the switch thatcontrols these so that way I can dim iteven fartherso with course installation these happento offer you the ability to plug rightin and then get these jumper wires to gofrom the end here to the next one or wecan do what I’m going to do which ishardwired them here with these knockouts okay so the light fixture is opened upjust with this panel here and two screwsthat you saw me remove and if you youtake the knock out panel here and itgives you the option to do it inmultiple spots you run the wire throughjust run the wires through this strainrelief clamp which gets a fixed insidehere okay and you just tighten it downwith this nut the wires come through andit couldn’t be

any simpler you strip thewires a half an inch back and all you dois hook them through in these holes heresimilar to what you may have seen on myrecessed lighting video very similarcouldn’t be any easier you pop it inthere and you’re done now if you werethen going which we’re gonna do in acouple of the cabinets from here to thenext one so if I’m running my my blackwire in and then I need to then runanother black wire to the next fixtureyou’ll just run your your black wire inand then your black wire out and youmove on then and seal it up and you’redone it couldn’t be any easier than thatthen they just provide two screws thatyou would use to run through here andmount to the other side of the cabinetand you’re gonna watch me do that too sowhat I did was I just plugged in the thefixture into an extension cord and Iwant you to see these these differentsettings that I was talking about thedifferent light settings so this leverhere will change between temperaturestwenty-seven hundred three thousand andthen four thousand and this button hereis just keeps it off and then you have anormal

setting and then you have abright setting to the right so we’regonna put this on the twenty sevenhundred first on the normal setting youcan see the type of light we have hereand then I’m going to move it step it upto the 3000 and hopefully you can seethat difference in light color andtemperature and then the 4000 getscolder in bluer so you went from themore yellow warm down here and this isthe bright setting in that of the 2700okay and then up to the 3000 and the4000 so then when you have I’m going toturn this off now for a moment so whenyou have countertops like this whereyou’ve got some grays and maybe bluesand other colors running through herethe light settings might matter to youyou might want to change it up which iswhy it’s great to have these options sothat’s that’s why I went with theseparticular lights I looked at the tapelights I wanted something that gave me alittle bit more variation also most ofthe tape lights didn’t come in theseKelvin temperatures so the Kelvintemperatures are more important for thekitchen whereas a lot of those tapelights with all the different coloroptions with a

remote control 40different colors those are more colorsthat you’d want to maybe on a Christmastreenot necessarily in your kitchen so againthat’s why I decided to go with these ifyou’re interested in these you can lookat the description below and see whereyou can get them so back to the wiringwhat we did was we had I did not want togo around and flip switches at all ofthe fixtures I wanted it essentiallycontrolled so these wires coming out ofthis box here are gonna go to a one ofthem’s going to a junction box that I’vegot up on the top here of this cabinetand another one’s going over the ceilingand down into that junction box you cansee up there so that one will just comedown and power the light fixture that’llbe under this microwave cabinet and thatjunction box the wires are going downunderneath here those wires just yougoing across are going to be hidden bythecrown molding and then down into thosecabinets there okay so running the wiresinto the cabinets you know you haveoptions we could have for example if wecould figure it outpop the wires out through the wall hereand knowing exactly where we’d be drilla hole here and come right out

this waywhen I decided to do instead was justrun the cabinet’s down excuse me thewires down through the cabinets andthey’re coming in this way along theback and I’m going to hide them withsome clips behind here and you won’t seethem I preferred the front for hidingpurposes versus the back it’s that wayif you open the cabinet you’re notseeing a wire coming downthis will just be hidden back here andyou know you’ll never see it once I’mdonetightening it up here we’re gonna runthe fixture in the center of thecabinets we did some testing here as faras how the light is displayed from inthe front versus the back versus themiddle you know in the dark we put thelight to the back it was shining toomuch here on the wall and we felt thatit would be illuminating the backsplashjust a little bit too much and most ofthe light was back this way and wewanted to have more of the light comingforward so we tried it in all threepositions and decided centrally locatedin the center of the cabinet would bebestbefore we go any farther

we’re going tostrip the wires it says to only stripthem about a half an inchand here it’s it couldn’t be any simplerwe’ve got the black going into the blackwire the white to the white and then theground into the greenokay so now it’s tightened down and evenif I pull this wire it’s not gonna pullthese which is what we want so reallythe next step is to put the cover backand then install it underneath thecabinet so now it’s time to install thisup underneath and I really need twohands you know four hands or threedefinitely more than two to do thatbecause I need to hold it in place andthen also put the screw through so Idon’t have anybody here to help me Ijust took this old bucket from thegarage yeah I wrapped it in plastic soI’m not messing up the new granite thatwas put in this is the perfect heightwhere I could slide it under put thelight fixture on it and it’s gonna holdhold it in place right at the right spot okay it’s up there solid pull the

bucketout take the tape that ease for markingsoff both sides okay you see the wiresjust you know kind of hanging out hereI plan on fastening it up against thecabinet quick clips it’s double adhesiveor you just peel and stick so what I’lldo is I’ll put a couple of them on thewire to begin with and once I have themin the general spot that I want I’llpeel the tape back and then I’ll stickit on there and I’m gonna move on to thenext group of cabinets you don’t have towatch me do the same thing on each ofthose but when I’m all finished we willturn them on so you can see what theylook like the project is completed nowyou can see what the under cabinetlights look like on their own this isthe dim setting and the temperature is3000 I’m going to show you what it lookslike with the rest of the lights nowtied in we have the pendant light on nowas well as the rangehood lights over thestove we

carefully chose thetemperatures of those lights too so thatway that all it all blends together welland now I’m going to show you what thekitchen looks like with all the lightson and now you can see how well it allworks togetherthe lighting was extremely importanttake your time making that decisionleave me all the questions that you needdown below I’ll answer them for youright away and again links to the lightsthat I use are down below in thedescription hopefully this helps you ifit did please hit that subscribe buttonand bail notificationicon and look for the next video thankyou and have a great day

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