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okay so today I’m gonna walk you through step by step how to replace your ceiling light fixture with an LED low-profile light fixture I’m also gonna walk youth rough how to replace a dimmable switch so this is the existing light fixture I designed and built my own home by my self back in 2000 and I put in the bestfixtures I could at the time but it’s just getting old to be honest and although we’ve put in LED light bulbs weare solar-powered so I’m going to keepit LED and I want to get rid of this fixture and have something that is closer to the ceiling and you don’t bump your head on it when you stand next to our dining table I’m also going to swap out this toggle light switch with adim mable light switch it’s rated for leds leds have very low

consumption sonot every dimmer works with them so theone I’m putting in is going to beperfect for this install now of coursewe go down to the breaker I wrote allthese in here back in 2000 when I wiredthe house we find that it’s circuitnumber 20 and we’re gonna turn thatthing off and then we get back up herethis is the light we’re putting in flushmount LEDs ceiling light 3000 degreesKelvinsoft white 2300 lumens fully dimmable10% to 100% get a close-up look of ithere got this on Amazon I’m gonna linkit down in the video description foryour convenience if you’re interested inone along with the light switch and theenergy cost estimate this at 4 dollarsand 82 cents per year for me that’s freebecause I’m solar powered and here’s thelight switch we’re gonna put in this isthe best one I could find very quiet itdoes not light up at night or anythingit just has a slider and the on/offswitch turns it on or off whatever useleft this light or at during last usethis is the

unit we’re installing theunder side with the wires comes withthese little stabilizing foam piecesthat you have to pull out comes withinstructions pretty basic I’m gonna walkyou through it step by step anyway soyou won’t even have to look at thoseinstructions remember that you have tofollow the National Electrical Code inyour local code and make sure that youare licensed and allowed to doelectrical work in the house and theseare the twists that come with it thoseare the caps this is the plastic piecethat diffuses the light this is lightlittle flimsy these are the packingpieces that you have to get rid of andin there are all the little LED lightemitting diodes there you have it andwe’re gonna get this thing up in theceiling so and here’s some details aboutit the model number and so on and it’sthe scr type of dimmer and that’s itpretty simple this thing’s lightweight18 inches in diameter and there’s theold fixture make sure to take the glassand light bulbs off before you go todisconnect it makes it lighter and ifyou drop it nothing’s gonna break twoPhillips head screws here we’re gonnapull those out I put this box in andmounted it between two rafters veryheavy-duty and now we’re just gonnauncap everything and I’m gonna use thenew caps

that came with the new lightfixture so we’re just gonna get rid ofthis old one here there are the groundwires those are the bare ones and thenwe have the hot which is the black andthe ground which is the white wire ifthey appear damaged you’re gonna want tostrip those off and get a freshconnection piece there and make surethere isn’t gonna be any exposed wirewhen you put it all back together andthese little studs came with it thesethreaded pieces so we’re gonna use theones that came with the light thisreceiver box that I have for the fixturehandles both the large diameter andthese small diameter screws we’re gonnaget them started in there so we haveless distance to screw once we put thefixture up there that’s the cap I wasjust holding up there now we have it thewhite wire going to the white wire blackto black and then that yellow one with alittle stripe on it goes to your groundand make sure that they’re nice andtight and then we’re gonna

stuff them upinto this box here so we can push thelight fixture up against it there it isso we put it through the holes turn itto the left so that and we didn’t needwashers for it so it was great just itwas now let’s get rid of this old switchthis is a flip type toggle switch againit did not dim the lights before it wasjust on or off so now we’re gonnainstall this really nice slider dimmerswitchthis is for a single pole switch or a3-way switch it has some wires for bothand we’re going to get this old one outof here you’re gonna see your wires ofcourse remember the outlet circuit isoffand all we’re doing is interrupting thehot lead so that’s itand we straighten out the wires here sothat they’ll go on to the new ones andthen we’ve done it the red wire to theblack and black to black the green wiregoes into your box and connects yourground screw so that’s easily done alsoyou notice that there’s a red wire witha white stripe that’s if you were usingthis for a three-way switch we’re gonnawant to put a cap on that the blue capcame with the unit we want to make surethat it doesn’t have contact of coursewith any hot leads in

there there it isthat switch is installed and we’re readyto go we want to test that fixturebefore we close it up so let’s flip theswitch back on service is restored wehave power to the switch turn the switchon and there you have it it works sothis is a time when you want to evaluatethe unit if there was something wrong orone of the diodes wasn’t working you’dwant to take this town and send it backall the diodes work great the slider isnice and smooth and I’m very happy withthat so now we can go ahead and finishputting the pieces together here this isa close up again just count the diodes Iknow this is not a focus but this iswhere you take the time to reallyevaluate everything before you put itall together you want to kind of savesome time and yeah that’s it so here weare the covers on diffusers oneverything’s great very easy to installagain eighteen inches 18 inches in diameterabout 3 and 3/4 inches from the ceilingdown to the face of this plate and thelight is very even you can’t really makeout the individual diodes until it’s onthe lowest setting here it is from adistance and if you remember we cancompare that to what it used to looklike with the old light there and I’mvery happy with it and I hope thisinstallation walkthrough it helps youout and everything’s in the videodescription thanks again for watching

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