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hey everybody Jeff here again and todaywe’re going to talk to you about theimportance of doing lighting in yourkitchen properly like where to put thelights on the ceiling that’s a commonquestion that comes up a lot so you cansee these these are some down lightsthat I installed here when we raised theceiling so these are LED wafer lightsactually and they’re only about a halfinch thick and so we don’t use cansanymore we just cut holes in the drywalland we put the LED wafer bites up but aquestion we hear quite a bit from peopleis how far apart am I supposed to putthe lights where do I put them how farin front of the cabinets do I put themand so we’ve done a lot ofexperimentation with that over the yearsand I can tell you that many buildersget it wrong in fact I have never onceyet walked into a kitchen any projectand seen that they got the spacing ofthese lights correctly and by the way I just wanted to remindyou if this is your first time here onthe channel welcome we’re glad to haveyou here and you might want to go aheadand hit that subscribe button down belowand then hit the bell icon next to it sothat you can get alerted every time weproduce new videos we generally

uploadvideos once a week and we have all sortsof topics covering all areas ofremodeling that you’re going to run intoin all sorts of engineering disastersokay so I wanted to just take a minutehere and show you like I came up withthis plan here this drawing and itbasically shows a bird’s eye view if youwere looking down from the unit up aboveas to what is going to happen on theceiling here so if you see all of thesebrown things here these represent woodpieces these are the the furring stripsor the strapping the the ceilingstriping that we’re going to put down sothese are two by fours that we’re goingto lay flat up against the ceiling andwe’re going to drill them into theconcrete now here’s our disc lights hereand I’ll show you those in a minute thedisc lights are what we have to use herethey actually call them wafer lightsthey’re led wafer lights and these willfit in the one and a half inch spacethat’s up in there and we’ll pre wirethe their little cans there they’re tinylittle power supply cans we don’t usethe big cans anymore for recessedlighting these discs just clip into theholes that we’re going to make in thedrywall here and if you notice here Imake my spacing three feet

from everywall and this is where a lot of peopledrop the ball in kitchen lighting andthat night we just went through this atmy friend’s house the electrician camein and put like for example this lighthere like just inches away from thefront of the cabinet and when you dothat it creates too much of a harshshadow that goes down onto the counterand you’ll end up with darknessunderneath your counters so the way youovercome that is you have your lightsout three feet from the walland that creates a nice wide dispersionpattern of lighting so it’s very simplethere’s not a whole lot ofrocket science to it but so many peopledropped the ball on this very importantpointmake sure your lights are at least threefeet away from the wall not two feetaway from the wall you don’t want to be12 inches away from your cabinet youwant to be 24 inches away from the frontof your cabinet here okay so you’relooking at the nearly completedremodeled kitchen that we did and theseare of course the cabinets that we putin and

there’s the granite countertopsand the limestone backsplash so I wantedto point out to you about the lightinghere and I’ll show you on my drawingthere that I made if you recall we didfour lights so there’s going to be twoover here in two more lights over hereand you’ll recall that I mentioned thatwe always want to make your lights comeout 36 inches from that wall from theback wall okay and same with over herethese two lights here they start offthat first light right there is 36inches off the back wall the reason whyyou want it like that is so that thelight can be let me swing off to theside to show you so it can be 24 inchesaway from the front of the cabinetthat’s where you want your light to besame look over here this light here is24 inches off of that cabinet so I wantyou to take a look at you see how wehave them herethese here are actually spaced 24 inchesfrom the cabinet that’s my rule of thumbis I always try to be 24 inches in frontof the cabinet and the reason why isthese lights have a a big down patternthat’s

why they call down lights and thelight spreads as it goes down right andwhat happens is it comes down and ithits the bottom of this candidate andit’ll make a shadowon the counter but you’ll notice on mycounter there’s no shadow there that’sbecause I have the lights move farenough in front of the cabinets here sothat when the light shines dim and itgoes all the way to the back corner hereand it doesn’t cause me any dark shadowsso we’re going to show you some otherkitchens in this video that we’re donehighly improperly where you’ll have likedark shadows right here just somethingbecause they had the lights too close tothe cabinets now typically I see a lotof builders that put the lights 12inches in front of the cabinets and thatsimply is not enough all right so if welook here at this light here this isanother one where it was 24 inches infront of this cabinet here and as youcan see the lighting disbursement thereneeds it nice and bright all the wayback into that back corner so we have noshadow the only place where you’re goingto see a little shadow is on the cornerunit here so if you look

here at thiscorner da and follow the light down youcould see only in the very back cornerdoes it even get a little bit darkthere’s nothing you can do about thatbecause you have to really be out farbut in order to keep everything prettyeven here evenly spaced that’s the onlypoint you’re going to have a problemso our rule of thumb to keep in mind is36 inches off the back wall which putsit 24 inches in front of the cabinetthat’s our rule of thumb that we alwayslike to go by and so we keep everythingsymmetric we try to keep you knownice grid for lights is really all youneed in a small kitchen like this if youhave a bigger kitchen saying somethingbigger than 8 by 10 then you couldprobably build with 6 lights but I’mstill not sure you would even need ityou can experiment with that too andthen over here in this cabinet herebecause this was a full depth cabinetthat goes over the refrigerator thissticks out a lot further from the othercabinets so the ledge

is gonna be alittle close to him what happens overhere isn’t quite so as important as whathappens over here so we stay nice andbright okay now this kitchen was aninteresting kitchen because this is tohave a suspended ceiling you know thoseugly old grandmas ceilings from the1970s over plastic and the fluorescentlights were behind and that’s what wehad here and it came too right here soyou couldn’t even have these tallcabinets in here they had these uglylittle built-ins in here in this kitchenwe raised up the ceiling here like yousee it and then we added these LEDdissipates here so this made thiskitchen look just so much more modernand made it look bigger and we improvethe lighting greatly compared to whatthe Builder had in here before okay sowhat we’re going to do now is we’regoing to take a look at some otherhouses and we’re going to show you justhow bad the lighting was designed tothese other kitchens okay let’s take alook okay now here’s another example ofa property where you’re working on herewith bad lighting design so if you lookhere in the kitchen here you can see

theshadow on the counter and the shadow ispretty much right under the cabinet herewhereas if you remember a few secondsago I showed you in the kitchen I justfinished working on how I had brightlight going all the way back to thecorner the reason is is because herethis is very typical of what we oftensee in these kitchens is the Builderputs his down light right here and it’sbasically just I don’t even think that’s12 inches in front of the cabinet it’sbarely in front of the cabinet so whatdoes it do it shines most of its lightright there you can see the hot spotright thereon the top of the cabinet and then itgets dimmer and dimmer as it goes downbut it’s it’s such a steep line that itcomes right down here like this andthat’s why you’re left with a darkshadow on the counter so the people thatdesign this house had absolutely no cluewhat they were doing and I want to showyou over here on the other side the samething so this cabinet here they’ve got alight that’s right above the cabinet andagain you can see the hot spot on top ofthe

cabinet and not so much down at thebottom it’s kind of dark down there andwe can move some of these items here youcan see there’s your shadow on thecounter that’s just unacceptablethat’s bad lighting design bad planningand lastly on the last light here thisone goes right over the island here notmuch can go wrong there because it isdirectly over the island but then againyou know this was the style back in theearly 90s in the 80s in the 70s wasthese these big cans that go deep intothe ceiling and almost a hundred percentof the time I see electricians put thesecans in wrong because when you go upinto the crawlspace up above you’ll seethey don’t adhere to the NationalElectric Code which says they have toput some type of a grill over the canand then protect that so that they can’tput insulation directly on top of thecans so that’s a that’s why we nicknamedthis type of lights they call them firestarters there’s a lot of fires getstarted this way and a lot of sloppinessdown here in Florida dealing with thistype of lighting up in the attics whenthey come into like maybe put in newfixtures for you and they clear away theinsulation that’s supposed to lay on topof the drywall

ceiling here and theydon’t put it back when they’re done soI’m willing to bet that many of you theyhave lights like this if you were to goup in your ceiling above it you’ll seeall of your insulation is cleared out ofthe way and you got hot spots all alongthe drywall there from the heat fromaddict because they didn’t put theinsulation back that’s just you knowconstruction stupidity that we see allthe time down here so let’s go take alook at another property okay so beforewe go take a look at the other propertyI just wanted to take a one quick quicklook here at these lights here thesethree lights here so all three of theseviolate my rule of making the light 36inches off the back wall these lightshere are maybe 18 inches to 24 inchesoff the back wall that’s unacceptablethey need to be 36 inches that extrafoot makes all the difference in theworld and getting the proper spread ofyour down light onto the counter so youdon’t have shadows like that okay sohere’s another house that’s in the samestreet as the house we just looked atand you can see if we look from the sidehere how close the light is there to thetop of the

cabinet and if you look downyou can see the shadows that it putsthem in these are deep dark shadowsright underneath the counter therebecause the light shines practicallystraight down and then if we look atthis other one over here he’s actuallyabove the cabinet I don’t know what theBuilder was thinking when they did thatbut that light is actually above thecabinet it’s not even in front of itit’s over the top of it and it alsoleaves pretty good-sized shadow as wellthere and then coming back over to thislast one over here you can see a goodshadow right here under the under thecabinet right there on the counter andthat light is pretty much equally almostdirectly over it when it should beprobably 24 inches out in front of itthat light should probably be back wayover here somewhereand then it would have given you a nicedispersed down light and it would havegone all the way back in the cornerwell lit underneath yeah we probablyought to have one here over the stove ora lot closer to it because it just seemsreally dark under the stove here ofcourse the cameras gonna brighten it upa bit you might be looking at it tickingoh it looks bright but when you’restanding

here looking at it now thepublic could be some better lighting inthere so you’ll see herenormally this would have been 24 inchesin front and it is in front of thiscabinet but because we went with thefull depth cabinet in front of therefrigerator it’s it’s really only maybea foot at the most but the importance ofthat is if you look at the downward coneof light here where it comes down to thecabinet and you’ll notice you can seeit’s completely brightly lit all the wayto the back wall you don’t see any bigharsh shadows like you do with some ofthe other ones like the one we just sawwith all of the white cabinets you couldsee how poorly placed the lightingdesigners did that kitchen and if wecome over to this other side here tooyou’ll see the same thing on the leftside of the stove because we have ourlight right here 24 inches in front ofthe cabinet when it shines down withthat cone that cone comes down at anangle and it’s able to light up thatwhole area all the way up to the backwall so the reason why you have darkshelves and I want every every one ofyou to go and check your shelves rightnow your counters there check out yourcounter and see do you have a darkshadow like you

know like they’re likethe the Dark Side of the Moon you have adark shadow right around here and if youdo that’s because you have a lightthat’s too close so they’re like yourlight is probably not going to beseparated from the cabinet like minusyour light is probably real close likethe one I showed you earlier with thatwhite cabinet how the light was almostin front of it and when you have thatthe light comes straight down like thisit makes a straight down being to hereso you have a dark shadow for the wholelast 12 inches of your cabinetessentiallyand that’s not right this is the wayyou’re supposed to do it and the problemis is all of these builders they’re justidiots they have people designing thelighting in your kitchen that haveabsolutely no idea what they’re doingnow the only place we’re gonna see alittle bit of a shadow as you can seeright in the back end there of thiscorner cabinet and

that’s unavoidable atall costs no matter what you do reallybecause the cabinet right here comes outso far it comes out if you look at itfrom the top there you can see it justcomes out real close to the edge of thecounter anyway and even though we have aset of this light here is way over herein this other light way in the back isway over here it’s still not enough toovercome the angle and the distance andin the light is traveling so you can seethe light is gonna come down this wayand hit this edge here and that’s how weend up with a little bit of dark backthere but even then that’s not likecompletely dark like some of the otherkitchens like the one that we justshowed you so this is how you do thelighting folks and it’s important toobecause had I not especially above thekitchen in here above the sink you seewhat is the cabinet here if I had notput this light this far out in front weprobably would have had a shadow on thisbacksplash here behind the sink we wouldhave had a shadow there caused by thisupper cabinet had I

made the lightcloser like a lot of the other people dofor some reason a lot of builders thinkthat you only need to put the light 12inches in front of the cabinet and thatis just not true it’s got to be 24inches in front of the cabinet which bydeduction means that you have to putyour light here 36 inches off the backwall so that’s all you’ve got toremember and I made it symmetrical inthis kitchen here too so it’s 36 inchesoff that wall 36 inches there and then36 inches to that wall and we did thissmall kitchen this is aby 10 kitchen we did this with fourlights you can see them right therethere’s all four of our lights rightthereand it lights up the kitchen very nicelyand very evenly so this is why it is soimportant for you to design yourlighting ahead of time think about itvery very closely what do you want to dowith that lighting okay and so that’swhy some people do the under cabinetlighting

I’m not a fan of doing the wirepucks I like to use these little guyshere you’ll see this one here these aresmall LEDs that are controlled by ourremote control and though they may notalways be completely totally as brightas the big plug-in ones but at leastit’ll put some light down in there ifyou ever really need it but in this casehere we don’t really need any undercounter lighting here

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