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hey friends welcome back to my channelI’m Christina if you’re new here intoday’s video I thought I’d do somethinga little bit different so in the midstof a bathroom renovation and I thoughtit would be fun to sort of share withyou guys are processed the before andafter and all that good stuff weliterally just started the work thisweek so not much has been done so I kindof want to show you the before we’velived in our place for like two yearsnow and it’s like super old buildingit’s like 120 years old and when wemoved in we did basically like acomplete gut renovation whichunfortunately was before my YouTube daysso I didn’t get any of that on video Ido have some blog posts that I puttogether that I will link to that youcan check out like our kitchenrenovation and our master bath I figuredI would show you guys sort of ourprocess here where things stand

we’vebeen putting off this guest bathroomrenovation for some time because weweren’t quite sure what we wanted to doand we kind of wanted to save some moneyfor it and we decided not to do like afull renovation but just make some smalltweaks here and there to make it lookslightly better so let’s go check it outlet’s see what it looks like now sothere’s everywhere right now thisis the shower situations you can see thetile is from Corey’s ceiling we’re gonnakeep the shower door just because it’scustom made and it would be a ton ofmoney to replace so you keep everythingthere is this floor here is like a panwith rice gate but it’s like too much ofa pain to address it because it wouldrequire us ordering and your door andall that stuff so we’re just gonna keepthat as is the things that are going tochange here at the shower we are goingto adjust the hardware so we’re goingfor black tiger in this bathroom here’sthe paint situation it took a brown I’mnot really sure what’s going on therebut we’re obviously gonna repaint wewere thinking about since this is theguest bathroom we are thinking

aboutputting up like a little shelving unithere or something for a towel storageand over here we have a Jacuzzisituation a tub Jacuzzi which we’regonna he buzzes we’re here we have ourvanitiesI hate this vanity I think it’s heinousand I can’t wait to get rid of it thisis going so we’re gonna get a new vanitypotentially for my PS so we’re going onidea tonight to see what they have interms of the mirror we’re going toreplace this one with like a circularhanging mirrors and then we’ll probablydo like two lights on the side of thecircular mirror that’s kind of ourbefore situation here super pumped aboutwhat this is going to look like so our first bathroom stop we are in CB2 right now trying to find a mirror andbathroom accessories so we’ll see whatwe got hereoh I kind of like that light on top sohere’s what I was thinking by the wayfor the towel remember you’re seeing atolerance

but I think you can putsomething like thisyeah but it’s not black hardware whatit’s in that an issue I kind of like this one better like thisone just because it doesn’t have ahanging thing yeah looks really good yesit does mm-hmm I like all of theaccessories we are still on the fence interms of which mirror we’re gonna get atleast I’m on the fence Leo seems prettysold on the on the circular very softcb2 now we are headed in to Ikea tocheck out vanities and shelving unitsand just some other house that wemay need this is a cabinet but it wouldbe in that walnut color okay let’s go ohmy god it’s so reasonable yeah not toomuch counter space but yeah I kind oflike that one yeahbut the sink is smaller which kind ofgives you a little bit more counterspace this is kind of like a circularshape right do you think that you youthink that yeah I like this piece ofthis though what this back a little minibacksplash I think it’s good do we keepthe top drawer empty so that peoplecould put their stuff in there likethere are toiletries and you know so

wepicked out our bathroom vanity hopefullyit matches how do we feel about thevanityfingers crosses Matt it matches it’sbrown which could work or it could failhorribly so hope TBDup giving it’s gonna work leo can I getyou tiny bed kids apartment am I gettingbooted so we’re at the point now where we’repicking paint colors and they were tonof samples that we checked out earlierwe narrowed it down from seven to twothis one up there is kind of like apurplish gray I think it’s calledelephant gray and on the second one ismore of like a frosty like blue colortrying to figure out what would lookbest with this color tile we’re notswapping out the tile and it’s notreally our favorite color my vote wasthe first oneLeo’s is the second color update on thebathroom paint situation we backtrackedand ended up deciding to do more of likea neutral situation so we wanted to likemake the title look a little a statedand like have it pop a little bit withlike a statement color we found thatdoing a statement color makes it looklike way too 90s you can see we did lotsof samples today the one that we end upgoing with

or that we just decided on isthis one here which is kind of like acore it’s a grey but it’s got like abeige tone to it it looks really niceagainst the tile you could see we messedaround with some like greenish toneGray’s some like purplish Mavi typetones and some Blues this is kind oflike a grayish beige but it has like alittle bit of like a greenish to do itthat pairs really nicely with the tile our bathroom is finally done we’reofficially done with home renovationsthank the Lord because it’s exhaustingand I wanted to give you guys a littlebathroom tour as you saw the before andI wanted to sort of talk through some ofthe changes that we made and all thebabies that we bought are you ready tosee it it’s pretty goodwhoo it already looks better doesn’t itlet me talk through the vanity first hewanted to do more of like a modern feeland get a smaller vanity if you guysremember the one that was in here beforewas massive and super dated so we wentwith this floating vanity smaller andfunny enough it fits just the sameamount of as the other massive onedid Nona’s actually from Ikea so wesaved on the vanity really

beautifullong brown color that goes really reallynicely with this tile so if you guyswant to get a sneak peek it has theselittle organizers inside and what Ialways do for guest bathrooms make surethere is some extra toilet paper and Ialso have this little basket of like allthe that I take from various hotelslike all these little shampoo andconditioner bottles there are extratoothbrushes in here with toothpasteanybody ever forgets anything they canjust jump into the drawer and grabwhatever they need if you see the bottomas well it’s there’s a ton of space hereand I love that it’s soft clothes andthen here we’ve gotten these adorableblack mat accessories these are from cb2I’ll be sure to link to all the stuffthat we got in the details of the videowe swapped as I mentioned before all ofthe hardware in the bathroom to blackjust to give it a more modern feel andwe’re actually working on swapping outthese handles as well just to get ablack matte version but these are notthat terrible they work for now yes themirror I

love love love I was wanting toget a circle mirror for ever and wantedat least one circle mirror in our houseand figured this would be the perfectbathroom to drop it in this is a circleblack matte mirror this is actually alsofrom cb2 and it’s just like reallyreally nice quality it’s a littlesmaller than I would have liked but ittotally works I think it fits reallynicely in this space we paired it withthese like modern black matte lightsomething forsimple but still kind of give a littlebit of a statement at a modern feelobviously we added some additionalaccessories mean even like a littletowel holder this is actually I believealso from CV – and then we got these funlittle hand towels from cb2 as wellobviously you could tell we lovecb2 so that is the vanity situationwe’re in the tub area we kept all ofthis the same the only change is againthe hardware because this tub is kind ofold it we would have had to replace likeall of the valves in order to gethardware that matched up with this tubso we ended up spray-painting thepreviously chrome hardware into matteblack and it totally worked out it doeschip and you have to touch it up everyso often so kind of a drawback butdefinitely saved us some money and youknow saved us time because otherwise wewould have had to like essentially ripout all this tiling here

and to fix thevalves and all that it would have been apain in the ass in the showerwe changed the showerhead got a blackmatte one this one is from Speakman it’sawesome we have it in our master bathwas well water pressure is great lovehow it looks it’s like very simple cleanyet modern we also added this secondshowerhead which actually plugs into themain one to allow for this like handshowerhead that you can use if you wantto just do like a quick body wash orrinse off and then this little bar hereto hold on to really love how this looksand then we swapped out the little draincover here for a black matte one soanother thing we added knowing this is aguest bathroom it’s nice to just havetowels and everything you need ready togo because we have guests visit fairlyoften so we install this like reallynice towel rack I can’t remember wherewe got it from but I’ll be sure to findit a link to it below super simplefairly small but it does the trickdefinitely allows for some storage therefor the toilet situation we have alittle Kleenex

box also from CB toinstall thisfancy bidet toilet seat that allows youto heat it it basically a rinses yourass super nice we actually have one ofthese upstairs in our master bath andit’s kind of amazing it also has a seatwarmer which is potentially like myfavorite feature everyone that hasstayed in our place so far has commentedon the toilet seatthere are various brands that make thesethis one’s by brondell but there is oneby toto as well I think that’s like thefancy one hi Leslie we painted which Ithink made a huge difference if you guysscan back earlier in this video you’llsee that the color was kind of like thisdark like olive green colorit was just like super dated very 90searly 2000s and we swapped it for thisbeautiful color by Benjamin Moore we’reon the fence between like this likelavender II tone or like a green basedtype grey but we I’m really happy thatwe ended up going with this like simplebe me gray color because it just looksawesomewith the tile and kind of gives it a newlife and makes it look like brand newlike this was all intentional and that’s our bathroom right

Ohhopefully you guys like itI’m pumped that we’re done withrenovations because it’sexhausting I think it looks awesome andI’m very very happy with how it turnedout hopefully like this video you got alittle sneak peek into how we renovaterooms in our place if you guys are intothis I’d be more than happy to show youguys a little tours of our place orother rooms in the house drop me acomment if there’s anything you want tosee in particular if you like this videogive it a thumbs up and subscribe to mychannel if you want to see more I’llchat with you guys soon bye you

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