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the weather is absolutely disgustingtoday but I’m not gonna let thatdistract me from the fact that I’m aboutto meet a hundred of you guys and Iabsolutely okay so guys this is gonna bea brand new segment of the vlog calledon the road of days where I update youto the mental traffic situations that Icome across because I always seem to getstuck in traffic whenever I’m goingsomewhere really important I’m not surethe GoPro stops recording up there but acouple of miles down the motorway on thefloor was a man with loads of towelsover him looks like he’d fallen off hisbike so dude my heart goes out to you Ihope you pull through my dude isabsolutely chucking it down guys I feelsso so so so bad for him I really do hopeit falls through and I hope is okay okayso I’ve made it I’ve been told to gointo a VIP car park so

right now I’mfeeling very very very very special andhappy with myself for that I’ve missedmy stage I was meant to be on stage andI’ve missed I’ve missed it okay not allthese last let’s just see if I can findthis car park but he was talking aboutagain I made it to my sweet safe haventhe back stand of the Corsair boo andmost different to Gamescom there’sactually loads of products in herebecause Corsair are selling stuff outthere but there’s one thing in herethat’s the same as the one but there’sone thing in here that’s the same as thestorage room at Gamescom and that’s thathey you okay mate but why in the toydream on attack me you like himWednesday in the blogs you guys saw thele and I flew to Germany for gamers cometo film a promotional video for CorsairElliott came straight here yesterday andfilmed for the Corsair booth here and Iwas meant to be on stage as to

whichCelestia Vega and Tom quite annoyedabout because I was meant to be on withthem and I was late because of thetraffic right ready let’s begin Night Wars videos presentmentfortunately videos for ages man reallylove itright then off we go what are youshowing me tweets and everything aboutthis hey don’t nice to meet you okay soI’m back from my meet and greet wentabsolutely fine met tons of youapparently at two o’clock every singleday out there at the coarser damnedthing they do a raffle like a giveawayand loads of people join in so ruffle over those literally hundreds ofpeople around here and I was in amicrophones quite awkward but I didenjoy yet the booth is pretty muchidentical to the boothnobody want your videos I appreciatethat as awesomeyeah the stamina is pretty much the sameas in Germany but the event itself insome years this needs to be

honestwhenever I come here and try and hangout is hard just use Katya Scarlett fanseverywhere I’m saying this right Irespect his forces so damn well I willsay they’ve brought about our in thatsituation everyone’s like oh he’s gonnado some magic wizard or if your internetyou just got looking at that businessit’s super fast didn’t that wait haveyou sorted it now yes I’ve been ninegoing to your internet yeah guys Ihaven’t been to the house since we mustinstall those LED strips and oh it’s soso so so cool so what I left it on wasthe half purple and half pink I think itlooks so so so so awesome jokes and from guys out the way as Isaid in Sami was awesome I love meetingall of your faces I’ll let you guys knowif I’m coming to any events in the nearfuture as best I canokay so perfect little cameo really whenI walked in and was talking about thelife ex LED strips this started me tostrips life ex tip which is supergenerous of them so thank you so muchand I think well

they actually saw thevideo that isn’t they’re gonna send meloads more which is so cool so we canliterally put them anywhere I’m gonnahave to install a full-on plug socket inthis cupboard to plug in the lights butthat’s fineI know what I’m doing let’s do this allthe lights went off I think I brokesomething there we godouble sake install they should comewith a double socket installer bangdouble socket bang door socket oh youwant a double socket there bang sortingit five minutes ago we won’t plug inanything into that and now tonight welcome to my kitchen we’ve gotthe who made the rule sign up there thenwe’ve got slowpoke the cactus then

we’vegot a cracked marble table and then overthere we’ve got the TV with two speakersbut there’s one thing this room ismissing and there’s one word thatdescribes that character and how do wehave character you my a squirrel with aclick of a couple of buttons we canclick that oh yeah and then Oh noise this is like legit so cool I thinkthis is absolutely awesome I look at howthe lights like move can you guys seethat how they like it goes red greenblue I’ve set it to that so you canliterally paint with color on the appsame on the TV over here guys so as youcan see I’ve got red and purple flyingaround the edge of the TV looks so coolthere okay then let’s have it

pink witha little bit of green running through itthere and then let’s have a little bitof red as well and then let’s also havea little bit of blue running through itthere and as you can see we now havethose three colors running through thestring probably goes to life thanks inthe description this stuff is wellgroundbreaking and it also works withyour smart assistants and stuff but I’mgonna go ahead and turn these off nowbecause I’m leaving the house so guysmake your own rules smash them andsucceed and I’ll see you tomorrow guysadios

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