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what is up guys it’s Justin here andtoday I’ve got the first of manyapartment tour related videos and we’restarting out with my bedrooms so whatI’ve tried to do is put together aminimalist tech bedroom and this is ano-bullshit video this is exactly what Ihave in here I didn’t add anything tomake the video more exciting but I’vetried to keep it as minimal as possiblewhile still having some of the techitems I like and the reason why thebedroom is so crammed is because this isactually the guest bedroom and I’veturned the master bedroom into my officebecause I spend way more time in thereand I need some space to film and stuffso I decided that I’d use this and stilltry to put a queen-size bed andeverything I need in here but if you’rewondering why that’s the reason just togeneralize some of the tech that I havein the space it includes a 55 inch 4k TVthat is Samsung and also a Sonos

soundsystem here that I love and just boughtabout a week ago and I also have myiphone dock on the other side but ingeneral I’ve tried to keep things verysimple but one piece of tech that isoften overlooked is your mattress so Ihave a helix mattress and I’m going totell you all about that I also want togive away a sonís one to you guysbecause I just bought mine last week andI love it so I also want one of you guysto have the chance to get one for yourbedroom living room office or anythingso all you have to do to enter is makesure you’re subscribed to the channelleave a like on this video and also dropa comment down below as to what yourfavourite piece of this bedroom is Iwill announce the winner in the commentsection when this video hits 1,500 likesevery single thing I mentioned in thisvideo I’m also going to leave a link toin the description section below as welljust to get the

bed out of the way it isfrom ROH concepts and you guys actuallygave me quite a bit of good input as towhat furniture I should get so I tookthat into consideration and you guysseem to really like the set so I endedup getting it despite it costing aboutthree thousand dollars but I have totell you I love it so far and beingsomething that I’m going to keep for avery long time I decided just to investthe money right now because I’veactually had my previous bed at myparents house for about ten years and Ihad no intention of changing it so Idecided that it made sense just to getwhat I liked I think it just looks verycomfortable and I also love thenightstands because it has the mix ofwalnut Space Gray handles and also whiteon the side and I think that just allcomes together and just screams my nameso the helix matches I hadis essentially a custom-made to ordermattress that is made based on yourspecifications and your preferencesI was actually shopping for a mattressand was just about to buy one from helixwhen they reached out to

me and asked tosponsor this video and I’m so happy towork with them so it starts out with aquiz that they want you to take to pickyour preference in terms of how themattress should be made the mattressitself is made out of a helix dynamicfoam pocketed micro coils and also ahigh-grade poly foam and I can honestlysay that after the first few nights Ilove this mattress and it is probablyone of the best pieces of this entireroom because I either sit there andwatch TV or sleep on it and I’ve sleptgreat even though I did select thepreference for a cooler mattress I wasactually surprised at how well it wasable to retain temperature even aftersleeping on it for many hoursbeginning with the customization processthey’re going to ask you a couplequestions including the size that youwant and how many sleepers are going tobe on it because you can customize eachside to a different spec it’s also goingto ask you for your age height andweight and also ask you

questions basedon sleep patterns including do you tossand turn at night what is your primarysleeping position do you have anypressure points that you notice withyour current mattress do you get too hotat night which in my case before was yesand it also asked for the model numberif you’re able to find out of yourcurrent mattress to better suit anoption for your new mattress afterwardsit’s going to start asking about thefeel including very soft soft mediummedium firm firm and very firm and in mycase I selected medium firm if you’renot sure about your sleep preference youcan also call one other specialists aswellafter you get results and go ahead andpurchase your mattress it actually shipsin one box so it doesn’t come all laidout in a queen-size mattress it came ina single box that was able to fit in theback of my coop and I was surprised thatin there was a queen-size mattressbecause it is foam in terms of settingit up all you have to do is get it outof the box and remove the vacuum sealand after it was exposed to air itessentially expanded to its size rightnow right away and that was pretty coolso just like

that I was good to go I’vehad my previous mattress at my parentshouse for about ten years and I’m thekind of person that doesn’t really havesleep problems I sleep pretty well athotels planes essentially anywhere so itwasn’t really a problem but aftersleeping on this mattress compared to myold one I can tell you that it wasdefinitely a big improvement because Ididn’t wake up as sore and italso much cooler so I didn’t get sweatyat night and that was one of the keythings that I loved about the helixhelix also has a 100 night sleep trialand also a 10 year warranty and shippingis free within the US but if you live inCanada shipping is $150 and you may haveto pay customs as well honestly thoughthe price for a custom mattress is veryreasonable for what it is because if yougo to any mattress shop you’re going tonotice that the prices go all the way upto four or five and even $6,000 forhigher-end or even custom mattresses andin this case you’re getting a custommattress right here depending on sizefor as little as under $1000 if you usethe coupon code just and say you willget $50 off your order at checkout sothe TV we have right here is a sampling55 inch su HD TV that has HDRcompatibility and I believe this is fromlast year and I got it from

my office atmy parents house but I decided to bringit over it because it is a great TV andwas a perfect size for the space thepicture quality is great and it getssuper bright what I did was had itwall-mounted using a stand that was asclose to the wall as possible and alsowhite so it just all blended in verynicely and also using IKEA cable channeldown to hide some of the cables as goodas possible overall it’s a great TV andwhat I love about it is actually the i/ois outside of the TV so there’s a singlecable that comes out of the back of theTV and everything else is exterior andespecially if you’re going to bechanneling cables through the wall itjust makes things so much easier I’vealso got a chromecast hooked up to itbecause I really didn’t like the Samsunginterface that was built in as well asmy ps4and most of the time when I’m justlaying in bed I just want to watch someYouTube videos and using the chromecastit makes things so much easier and theps4 if I just want to have some friendsover and game on that I can do that aswell but I’ve been so busy with videosand school lately that I haven’t game ina number of months three daysthe next piece of tech in this bedroomis the

sono system and right now I onlyhave one of them it is a Sonos play:1and I’ve heard so many good things aboutthem but the reason why I haven’t hadone for so many years is because I justfelt like it was overpriced but I sawone at the store againand it goes perfectly with that night’s10 so I decided to pick one up and Iactually don’t regret my purchase thesound quality is pretty good for what Ineed and although I didn’t expect toplay one to be loud enough I’ll stillkeep getting a play 3 or play 5 for thisbedroom it is way too loud and I hope myneighbors don’t hate me alreadyI know Sonos has a great app that allowsyou to control your music and streamthings from different devices especiallyin a family setup but in my situation Ijust use it very simply I use Spotifyand just stream directly to the Sonosand that is what I love to do I mightpine to add a couple more in the futureor even just wait for the Apple home podwhen it comes to the living and kitchenarea

moving on to the other side I justhave a standard iPhone dock from Appleand just try to keep it as simple aspossible and the space gray kind ofblends nicely with the handles of thenightstand and I know this cable kind ofjust hangs over the edge and it doesn’tknow every so I’m trying to find a kindof solution to fix that perhaps to drilla hole at the back of the nightstand andI also have just my keys and card holderhere just to grab and go because if youknow me you know I always lose my keywhen it’s time to go and just checkingout what’s inside of my drawer there’sjust a whole bunch of Aquafina nothingthat exciting but yeah I just kind ofkept these very empty for now so this ismy closet at the moment and I know a lotof you guys asked me about street wearand shoes and stuff because I do like tobuy a lot of shoes and clothes and I’vebeen trying to slow down on clotheslately and shoes as well but here’s mycloset and as you can tell I’m all readyfor the winter season becauseessentially in every video you see

mewearing a hoodie or a long-sleeve shirtbecause that’s simply what I like towear I just feel the most comfortablewearing a hoodie for example so we got alot of stuff just various things fromUrban Outfitters most of the things arefrom Urban Outfitters a lot of championhoodies because they’re comfortablethey’re decent quality I’ve also got acouple gilding pieces as well just somerandom stuff some merch and some stuffmy neighbor madebut mostly hoodies and also one piece ofsupreme right here which is the CDGsupreme I don’t normally wear thatbecause it doesn’t fit as well as a lotof other hoodies that I have below hereI just have like an Ikea toy shelf it’sactually a toy shelf for kids and I justuse that for socks underwear pajamas andjust some miscellaneous things thatdon’t have to be hung I absolutely hatefolding my clothes I know my mom isgoing to laugh watching this videobecause I always just threw my clothesaround and never want to fold them so Idecided that I was just going to hangall of my clothes in this apartmentwhether it’s pants hoodies tops t-shirtsall my basic tees are back here so thathas made things much easier but mywashing machine is broken right in houseso I’m gonna have to buy a new one ofthat

and up here I just have some of theshoes that I haven’t been wearing asmuch but most of them are just out wheremy door is but yeah this is just a quicklook at my closet nothing too excitingbut I know a lot of you guys were goingto ask about that so I just want to showyou quickly some other tech in myapartment that is absolutely crucial isGoogle Wi-Fi so for example this spaceis 1,200 square feet or so and I’msomeone who uses a lot of devices and athome I essentially completely hooked upthe home network and my mom is not toohappy about that but in the apartment Ido have to Google Wi-Fi units one ofwhich is in the living room and one ofwhich is in the office and since it’s amesh system I’m able to get greatconnectivity all over the place but anypeople will get like full signal andfull speed from essentially anywhere inmy apartment which is just such a goodthing to have so a huge thanks to Googlefor giving that to me another thing Ihave is a Dyson v8 absolute vacuum andit might just be a vacuum but it is avery very good one and for those who endup moving out or anything you’re gonnahave to clean your own place like I’llearn myself more often than you wouldexpectstuff just gets dusty my entire place ishardwood floor and

essentially I have tovacuum it every few days otherwise itjust becomes a huge mess and this vacuumis so versatile so it actually has a fewdifferent heads that comes with it andit is also very powerful you have twodifferent options including the normaland the max and there’s a canister righthere but you’re able to use a hose thatallows you to use it as a floor vacuumwhich is what I use for my hardwood butespecially in my bedroom for examplewhere mysans get really dusty especially whenfriends come over and start putting alltheir everywhereor even just the windowsills I’m able tojust put this on for example and juststart vacuuming it’s also completelycordless so if you live in an apartmentthat is super handy not having to unplugit and plug it in every single room yougo so this is something that I actuallyuse quite a bit as I’m trying to adjustto adult life where I have to clean myown place very regularly and before Iforget and I know a lot of people aregoing to ask about this I have an IKEAlamp back there it’s sort of just atissue paper lamp it was 15 bucks I justneeded a light in here and I don’t thinkit looks that bad so I might just keepit otherwise this is pretty much been atour of my bedroom and hope you guysenjoyed it

I know it’s very minimal butif you guys have been watching my videosfor a while you know that that’s kind ofmy look that I’ve been trying to goforward despite having a ton of productsthat are just all over the place andbeing a hoarder I’m trying to be asminimal as possible and I’m gonna try tokeep this bedroom as clean as possiblebecause just the white feel with thewhite walls the nice big window righthere which just has such a nice viewwhen I wake up the TV that is perfectlymounted and against the wall straightand has the cable cover that kind ofstuff just really satisfies me andhonestly the only thing I sort of wantto do for my bedroom is to get someelectric shades because it is a massivewindow that goes along the entire sideof this wall which is great for naturallight for a recording video like rightnow but at night you do want to close itand sometimes in the morning you want tojust open up your shades but you don’twant to get out

of bed I know thissounds really stupid it’s a couple feetaway but I thought I’d just throw it outthere and I think a place to sleep justhas to be very comfortable and that is anumber one priority and for me justhaving everything white very bright andminimal just makes me so happy and Ilove this bedroom despite it being quitecramped for a guest bedroom because Iput my entire office in the masterbedroom which by the way I have noregrets doing but stay tuned for somevideos of that I’m really happy with theway the office is coming along and alsothe entire space which I want to showyou guys as well but leave a like onthis video if you enjoyed it and I’llsee you guys in the next one

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