Living Room Decor Ideas

admin 2019-03-28 Living Room

when we first saw the house I wastotally drawn towards the details I’m alover of charming old homes the house is106 years old it’s a traditional home soI loved the baseboards and the moldingsand the chippy paint the railings thestained glass windows that we have atthe front door all of […]

Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

admin 2019-03-28 Living Room

this selling factor was kind of twofoldfor us so one was the southern facinglight that’s a blogger and aphotographer interior designer I totallyfell in love with the light it’s justbeautifulthe view was really nice too I mean wehave lakefront views and it’s just agreat spot to be being a rentalapartment […]

Living Room Decorating Ideas

admin 2019-03-11 Living Room

hey guys it’s Mary Elizabeth and we aremaking over another bedroom hi everybodymy name is sharzad I make youtube videosI also host a bunch of different showson YouTube I have a blog I’m just allover the Internet’s this guest bedroomis a great example of you can spend afew hundred dollars […]