Kitchen Pendant Lighting

admin 2019-03-29 Kitchen Design

so you know the drill we are hanging pendants we have chosen three and the question to you is what do we need to bethinking about when it comes to hanging these things structure first to make sure we can mount the boxes for the pendants okay we want those […]

Kitchen Faucets

admin 2019-02-12 Kitchen Design

guys is April 9th 2018 this one here Igotta go to an old lady’s house andshe’s been a bunch of stuff she’s doneover there and outside faucets leakingkitchen sinks leaking and upstairsshowers Betty shoesso I just start by over there Friday andsee what was going on but it’s Mondaymorning I’m […]

Kitchen Appliance Packages

admin 2019-01-17 Kitchen Design

hey friends welcome back to my channelI’m Christina if you’re new here intoday’s video I thought I’d do somethinga little bit different so in the midstof a bathroom renovation and I thoughtit would be fun to sort of share withyou guys are processed the before andafter and all that good […]