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hey guys welcome back to my channel I’mAlexandra and today is a really excitingvideo it’s a makeover that I’ve neverdone beforeI am surprising my sister Olivia with abrand new bedroom all under 400 dollarsmy sister and I have completely oppositedecor styles I love color patterntexture pom-poms tassels she is veryspecific in what she likes she likesblack and white and she likes things tobe super super minimal so I texted herover the weekend and I said hey if youwould have your dream room what would itbe and she sent me this picture sothat’s all I had to go with I went outsourced some items and here’s how it allcame together first up I’m getting ridof this dresser you might think that’sstrange why am I getting rid of storagebut this piece is way too big for thisroom she can’t even open the doorproperly and to be honest she’s got afull closet that could be maximized alot better and so I really don’t thinkshe needs a full dresser of storage I’mgonna get crafty and

add a few littlestorage tricks for her to keepeverything organized so I’m gonna movethis dresser into another room and solvethe issue of storage in a very minimalway get it minimal Marty gets it nowthat we’ve cleared that dresser outhere’s what we’ve got to work with we’vegot this beautiful white art print avery minimal bed and this Cecil rug I’mgoing to incorporate all of these intomy decor and decorate around them thisis actually a TV bench from Ikea it was$15 and I’m placing it at the foot ofher bed she can use this bench to storethings on top at the end of the day likeher clothes and then underneath I’mputting these or just felt baskets thisis where I’m gonna put her socks and herpajamasstuff like that just so it’s easilyaccessible because these are the thingsshe uses every day for the rest of thestuff that’s on her bed like thesesweaters and she had towels stuff likethat that was in the dresser I’m movingthose to the closet area just like aside note what is the monstrosity ofthis sweater we also have very differentstyles it’s finemoving

on to the bed area so I’ve chosennot to use side tables because this is avery minimal room and side tables canlook really clunky and I’ve also areally big advocate of like throw in theside tables out because I just find thatpeople stuffed them with things thataren’t necessary they get cluttered it’sjust like that extra thing to clean atthe end of the day and to be honest allyou really need is a surface for books aglass of water an alarm clock that kindof thing so on this side I am using thisgorgeous decorative ladder to stringsome fairy lights I put a magazine hereI’m thinking she could put her pajamasthere as well it’s just a really cutepiece that’s actually also functionalfor storage now this was a bit priceytook up actually most of my budget but Ijust think it’s beautiful and it’s likea piece of art beside her bed now on theother side I went a bit more of aninexpensive route I actually found thisbasket from HomeSense it was like tendollars I’m just flipping it upside downto turn it into a surface and it’s thisbeautiful wicker material that’s reallyminimal

really airy and I’m just puttinga couple of books here and a salt lampthis can be the surface where she putsher phone or alarm clock or water orwhatever before she goes to bed I’m alsousing one of my fav tricks in the bookwhich is hanging this wall bracket whichwas like three dollars from Ikea I gotthis beautiful minimal pendantbut it’s a circle it just felt very likeminimal how many times can i say minimalyou know what it felt very scandiinspired I love how it has this exposedbulbs I’ve got the pendant courtseparately at the hardware store I’mwrapping around the bracket this is areally inexpensive way to create yourown custom light fixture especially whenyou’re looking for something that’splug-in and not hardwired her closetisn’t big enough to hold all of herclothes so I thought why not make

agorgeous hanging clothes rod I wanted todo this for so long there’s so manydifferent hacks on the Internetso what I did was I got these twodrapery hooks from Umbra they were $15for two they attach to your ceiling andI’m just hanging a wooden dowel withsome Cecil rope from the rod it wassuper easy to put up took me like maybe10 minutes and this is gonna be theplace where Olivia puts her outfits thatshe wants on display those things thatshe is proud of maybe her new clothesthings she wants to keep out again thisis a really beautiful skinny inspiredpiece but it’s also super functional forstorage so it’s a win-win now for thefinal finishing touch I’m so excitedabout this piece so because Oliviadoesn’t have a dresser she needssomewhere to get ready in the morning aplace to house her

makeup and herjewelry so I asked my friend Dannyburger from buy or DIY the show I am aco-host on to donate this amazing pieceshe made for one of these episodes Ijust want to make a side note herebecause I haven’t really plugged my showon my channel you have to go and checkout by our DIY Danny and I go intoinfluencers homes and we do like minimakeovers for their space Danny DIYsomething for them I buy something forthem and at the end they pick which onethey like fast show kind of a funcompetition show and I love Danny she’samazing and she made this gorgeous pieceso that episode is coming out in acouple weeks so make sure you’resubscribed so you can learn how to makethis piece just like Danny did Dannysaid this piece wasn’t difficult to makeshe has amazing DIYs go check out thecoral channel below so you don’t miss anepisode of fire DIY and you can

actuallysee her making this piece step by stepon the channel so go subscribe onto thefinishing touches so I got thesegorgeous cushions for Olivia’s bed nowthey’re really textured for a minimalstyle room like this you really want toadd texture where you can so I chose toadd that texture in the cushions and Ialso hung this beautiful little it’slike a mural no it’s like a it’s like amacrame hanging piece of art and I’mputting that on the back of her door foranother hit of texture as well and Ialso had this beautiful Moroccaninspired poop that I’m sliding right infront of her new vanity set up so shecan sit down and put on her makeup inthe morning 1 2 3 oh my god oh my god sogood right this is so good so in thereis where your stocking are okay and Igot just a place to put whatever andthen that side table used

to be a basketbut I just like flipped it overI’m just hope this I thought you couldput like your like like I don’t knowyour like favorite outfits and words ofthe week my key items your key items andthen this was a custom piece by Dannythis is amazingJewellery the mirror sleepier ah and Ican do my makeup in the mirror that’samazing Wow yeah you actually did verywell no actually but like a no waterthis is amazingwell done you doesn’t figure it does itreally does thank you guys so much for watching thismakeover I really hope you enjoyed itand thank you again for everyone who’ssubscribed who has liked my videoscommented I’m so excited that I got todo this I am so glad you guys areenjoying the makeovers as much as Ienjoy making them as much as I enjoydoing them make sure you subscribe downbelow comment on what you want to see onthis channel next and I’ll

see you guysnext Friday byesee you next time Tarak

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