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welcome to slow home-studio too manypeople have been badly designed housesand we want to change that today we’regoing to be looking at the principles ofgood bathroom design it’s our monthtalking about bathrooms and last time welooked at the problems the things toavoid and now we’re going to talk aboutthe things that you should be doingyeah and bathroom design is one of our12 slogan principles it happens to benumber 10 there it is right thereyep and the principle reads very simplythat all bathrooms in a slow home haveprivate but accessible locations arewell organized modestly sized and havesufficient counter space and storage soyou wouldn’t think that this would bedifficult to achieve but in fact itactually is more surprisingly difficultthan you’d imagine when you look at theaverage I was designed so we’re going toshow you the way that we use thoseprinciples to design the case studybathroom and here we see the overallfloor plan as you

know we’re talkingabout the master bathroom which is uphere this is the master bedroom and whenwe talk about accessibility beingprivate but accessible really what we’retalking about is if it’s possible tryand provide some sort of a shieldbetween the master bedroom and thatbathroom and here we’ve got you comingthrough into the closet and then intothe bathroom yeah that’s a much betteridea than actually entering from thebedroom and having a view right into thebathroom now in terms of layout andstorage I mean basically what we’resaying is that if at all possible it isnice to have a sufficient counter spacethat allows storage below it and in thiscase we’ve actually got three banks ofdrawers you’ll notice in a lot ofbathrooms the sinks are very closetogether there’s not very much counterspace or their single vanities withsingle sinks and no storage below sowe’ve allowed sufficient space forstorage below the counter as well we’vegot a detail which we’ll look at laterwhich is some medicine cabinet storageabove the counter right so here let’slet let me show you this sort of

the wayI think about about laying out abathroom a typical bathroom is either 5or 6 feet wide it’s it’s to accommodatea tub like that right everybody knowswhat that kind of a broom is right it’sgot a bathtub it’s got the toilet andthen it’s got a sink over on this sideso that five or six foot dimension isthe critical one and so with this whenit’s a double sided bathroom all we’rereally doing is taking that samemeasurement and saying okay there’s fivefeet and we’re going to put the toileton one sidewe’re going to put our vanity on theother and then reversing that we’regoing to say that between here and hereis about six feet because we want maybesix six foot in six foot six inchesbecause we’re going to have enough spacefor our Selkirk soaker tub and theshower and then that’s the thecirculation space so you can see it’sactually really efficient because we’rereusing that that same circulation zonefor both sides of the of the bathroom soagain this kind of double-sided layoutis really efficient when you’re in awhen you have some space requirementsyeah and you can see it in the the finalimage here what that

ends up lookinglike is on one side of course we haveour vanity counter with the two sinksnice spacing in between them we have abit of room for a medicine cabinetstorage below and three nights ofdrawers the other side then becomescompletely the wet area so you’ve gotyour tub your tub deck then goes inbecomes the bench in the shower and thenyour shower and then again thatdimension for the shower is nice becauseyou need about three foot six for thebathtub to fits you about a showerthat’s about the same dimension allright so those are the ways that wethink we should apply the slovenprinciples to this particular case studywhat we’re going to be looking at nexttime are some detailed design issues seeyou next time bye you’re interested inlearning more about the principles ofslow home design you can pick up a copyof our book entitled what’s wrong withthis house it’s a practical guide tofinding a well-designed and sustainablehome it’s available for sale on the slowhome-studio website it’s also availablefor sale at in both paperbackand the kindle format

how get you endure a master bed room bathroom combo that looks later this and twist it into this skillfully stay tuned as I measure you how I take this 600 square foot spread and viewpoint it into a luxury master bedroom suite at ropes In Design i begin bearing in mind meeting the clients and taking a look at their atmosphere and then i commit it to my 3d modeling program when I took a look at that 3d model I thought gosh there's some in fact enormous architectural things I want to bend number one that get into exaggeration just a little strange number two thes off it in the bedroom I had to acquire rid of that the built-ins one it her side of the fireplace
were not symmetrical you know how I air practically that and number four the master bathroom we just needed to acquire it and begin all soon as you enter there's an amazing fragment of art upon the wall in fact it's our clients favorite I think we should start considering a master bathroom and after that we'll end afterward the bedroom appropriately let's go wood paneled walls what used to be just either mirror or drywall endearing built-ins all the showing off all but Jeremy made me these custom mirrors made out of two swing frame materials this is the perfect area for our client to get dressed in the morning and after that more than here we have some kind towel storage remember in the back portray this used to have a big old-fashioned event vis--vis it therefore it took happening a large share of this room and now it's just for that reason smooth and clean and
modern doesn't that see like a shower you'd next to just nice of I don't know get clean in or something we're all practically detail in the past and after it takes a team to make these projects and to bring them on top of the finish extraction next I can tell you this our clients were for that reason thrilled following our house and once they walked into their master bedroom there were tears and they weren't just grant you think that there'd been a bunch of construction that went upon in this area and last year something is not admiring it's essentially a far along bedroom I kept the colors very neutral cream ontan on gold on white I got to produce an effect you something essentially frosty roughly these night stands upon either side
I have these column lamps but see on either side there's a tiny place where the client can just tap gone twice three get older do you look that it's considering a stinking nightlight our clients are going to mosey in this home tonight after they see their home they're going to fall into these freshly washed and pressed pressed sheets and pillowcases and their arm is going to fall greater than velvet see at these good window treatments and of course I taking into consideration them as I always do that we plus have this is kind of frosty we have rollers hades that go alongside on each window for a unconditional and total privacy- Shay's lounges it's taking into consideration darling bring me my wine and where's the unapproachable these incredible open fixtures and my tribute tile on the wall custom made cabinetry gone pretty bronze handles and I topped it off in the center here later an oval coffee table made of mirror and next glass upon to phey
guys I have got to acquire my self powdered occurring and ready because in a few minutes my clients are going to arrive and I'm going to look their house for the first get older depart me a comment under and allow me know how do you think this master bedroom bathroom turned out if you liked this video leave us a thumbs up and always always always make smile subscribe to our Channel don't forget more or less the design sessions you guys this is where Itell every past a month the last Saturday of all month go to WWE and design put to rest and I will see you guys there bye bye for now

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