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hey guys and today I’m gonna be reactingto awkward bathroom design fail so let’sjust get right into the videooh so there’s two toilets wait I saidtwo people knew to go in together thatis st. all could oh my gosh imaginewaiting in a line and then you go in andthen the person behind you also goes inand you just look at each other like uhyou can let’s just let’s just do a thingthat’s so good now this is the most okthis toilet ever it’s all good as if ina word this is so awkward like you’rejust sitting there and then you seepeople walk past me while you’re takinga poop or something you’re just sittingthere like uh yeah I’m just I’m justdoing my thing you can just walk by justwalk by and pretend I’m not herewait there’s a bathroom in the middle ofthe dining room I cannot comprehend thisat all so you’re eating are you so mewant to go to the toilet and it’s rightnext to you and people can literally seeyou go to the toiletwas it an open space or like you’retaking a bath or something as someonecan just walk past and look at you takea bath that is say weirdwhat is this bathroom do you guys seethat why is it like a freaking hole inthe middle of the bathroom or what ifthe glass breaks oh my gosh I will prickmyself if I was in this bathroom that isso scaryalthough it’s pretty cool

it’s kind ofscary at the same time when you’relooking down it’s not one’s afraid ofhigh don’t you ever take her in thisbath and you’re going to faint missingjust me and this is just mean for theguys the woman’s just fine that’s allyou have down there that is so mean ohwell that’s a little too intimate likein they were just pissing and both ofyour busts are touching each other causeyou’re peeing is a curse in each otherfermez the bromance why is the toiletroll over this way what so after you peeor poop you really have to stand up andget the toilet bowl that is so awkwardoh my gosh thank us our Indian linethank us you’re in their line so no onesees what you’re doing is that a chairtoilet what the toilet it’s pretty muchin the ground ehsitting on the chair pooping and peeingaway these toilet designs are all cutbut that’s so funnywhoa okay now this is creepy this is socreepyit’s so it’s so enclosed and everythingis searching out this scares me why doesthis game you so much I don’t understandbut this excuse me like a creepy feelingyeah I didn’t like this bathroom I didnot like this bathroom did someone justmake their own toilet a cone well atleast you have a toilet right at leastyou have a toilet again the toilet rollis so far away from the toilet why nowyou have to

stand up to getting thetoilet rollhow how how do you even sit in thistoilet you’re kind of been sitting yourlegs apart because there’s no room onthat side so basically you have to sitlike a sideways you have to sit likethis like this but the toilet is facingthis way that is so weird why is thisheart so small okay maybe it’s for kidsor something maybe it’s for kids nowyou’ve gotta climb some stairs to go tothe toilet wait where’s the toilet bowlthere’s no toilet roll for this one whatoh my gosh that is just so awkward Ithought it would have been better if youjust put the toilet down there instead Idon’t know what is going on by these soawkward oh my gosh a couple toilet nowyou can prep together with your husbandor wife or boyfriend and girlfriend nowyou can have a romantic time poopingtogetherwait just say how do you close the doorso I’m assuming for this one you can’teven close the door at all oh no thesetoilet designs why Ohtoilets me you can have a staringcontest so you’re basically just sittingand the other person is sitting on theother side and then you’re basicallyjust staring into each other’s eyes likehey what’s up I’m creeping what aboutyouyeah I’m just peeing how all good isthat you gotta face each other whenyou’re peeing or poopingthere’s my bathroom stores for thesetoilets so basically everyone just hasto poop or

pee next to each otheryeah that’s not all good that’s not allgood oh I mean at least you can I talkand make friends right make some toiletbuddies toilet buddies sweet and now youcan watchhands and also be next to someone who’spink oh you can pee and wash your handsat the same time talent why does thisdon’t have a render so basically someonecan walk past and just watch your poopthat is creepy that is honestly kind ofcreepy what have you just painting orsomething and you see someone walk pastbut then they just stand there and thenlike I see you peeping and you can’t doanything cuz you’re peeping like what doyou do another one we have the kind ofstairs to go on the toilet why why doesthe toilet have to be so tall do youfeel like a king or queen or somethinganother one window is where the toiletsare at oh my gosh and it’s even inpublic so people can just walk past inthe streets and see you pee or poop huhtoilet designs this holy design thistoilet in a classroom hey Elise it’s allkids right at least it’s all kids soit’s not that embarrassing but imagineif this was in public in an adult tasteor something that would be so awkwardpink oh my gosh this pink toiletactually looks so cuteI want the toilet but there’s no spacefor you to sit there’s honestly no spaceyes I told that where you can bond witheach other you can just sit and talk toeach other like this nice what I feellike for this toilet the guys butts

aregonna be touching each other becauseit’s so close okayanother bromance time so many birdstoilet how does this work how does thisfreakin work oh my godI’m assuming is only for one person butstill how is that supposed to workeverything is like blocking the way Ifeel like you get any peas that how yougonna sit on the toilet why is thetoilet roll in the cabinet what the heckwhy do you have to go through so much tojust get the toilet roll is it becausethe puppies are always getting to yourtoilet brasis that why you have to hide a toiletrolls or is it because the toilet rollsare so important you gotta hide them Idon’t understand what why is the toiletseat blocked why the blood how are wegonna sit down a toilet now our but Igotta fall in the toilet our butts aregonna be wet okay andthis one got me there’s actually acubicle but never there’s a cap in thecubicle so you can still see the personthis is called a toilet bonding timewhen you sit and poop together and yourstay friends forever oh my gosh this isperfect for three best friends you canpee together you can pee together youcan have a bromance time together withthree best friends wait I’m so confusedhow are you supposed to get out how doyou get out is stuck in a toilet foreverhow did I get in the first place or didI just construct it and I realized oh nooh no I screwed upwell that’s it for that minute I hopeyou guys enjoyed it as much as I did andas always thanks not taking her you guyslike that and I’ll see you guys nexttime bye

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