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hey guys it’s Jennifer and welcome backto my room makeover series I’m soexcited because today I am going to beshowing you guys how I organized my roomyeah my organization storage ideas how Ijust cleaned up my room I’m so happywith how everything turned outI so excited I’m currently filming thisin my dorm in New York I’m also planningon making over this room so stay tunedfor that if you haven’t seen the firstvideo in this series it’s basicallywhere I do all of the big changes myroom painting my room doing all myfurniture and stuff so make sure youcheck out that video before you continuewatching this video it’ll be on the I onwhat the corners here and it’ll be alsolinked down below and my next two videosin the series

are going to be meredecorating my room so DIY room decorand also my final room tour so stickaround to see those and if you guys wantto check out some extra footagebehind-the-scenes of me cleaning my roomit’ll be on my blog channel but vlogchannel is called Jenn’s life if youlike this video make sure to like it notjust emotionally yeahand subscribe if you want to alrightguys I’m about to be late for class so Igotta run but let’s get startedso the things I like to organize firstare my clothes because usually myclothes are sprawled out everywhere inmy room so this is my closet or thehanging part of my closet and what itlooked like beforehonestly like not that bad but itdoesn’t look that great either so what Ilike to do first is I go through all myclothes and obviously everyone know isyou’re supposed to like take out all theclothes that you don’t wear anymore orthat you don’t like but I also

like togo through my clothes and look at themagain and reimagine new outfits maybelike a month ago you thought somethingwas really ugly and you were about todonate it but now when you look at ityou’re like actually I can make a newoutfit with it this is a great time todo that and especially if some of yourold clothes have become trendy again youcan take those out of your closet andactually start wearing them again sohere I’m just putting all the clothesthat I don’t wear anymore in a box andI’m donating them next up I like to goback through my closet and take out allof the clothes that don’t requirehanging ones that are easily foldablethat kind of have more structure to themso what I like to keep on my hangingrack are clothes that wrinkle easily orare flowy and delicate that don’t reallyfold well one thing that will help yourcloset look so much more organized is tohave the same hangers for all of yourclothes I started doing this recentlyand it’s

transformed my closet so Ichanged all of them to this really cheapdollar store kind it doesn’t have to beexpensive at all but if you do want togo for the expensive ones go ahead afterI hung them up on all the same hangersthey already looked so much better but Idecided to arrange them in color orderso what I like to do is put all of thewhite clothes at the front and then allthe black clothes at the end and then inbetween I like to order them in rainboworder so from red to purple and thenanother thing that I like to do to makeit look a bit better is to space out thehangers this kind of makes your closetlook bigger and it makes it look likeyou have more clothes and it just looksmore organized so I really like how mycloset looks now yeah okay moving on to my foldable clothes /my shelf area of my closet I’m gonnashow you guys how I fold all my clothesso it doesn’t look like a messlike this so first off I’m gonna startout with t-shirt folding and I’m usingthe Kon Mari method which i think isreally cool so I’m taking my t-

shirt I’mgonna kind of draw a line down themiddle with my hand and then I’m gonnafold both sides to the middle and tuckthe sleeves in so that it fits withinthe shirt then I’m going to fold that inhalf and then I’m going to draw out twolines so that there’s three sections andfold that up and now you should be ableto stand your shirt up like this and ifit stands up then you are good to go Ijust put all of my folded t-shirtsinside might roar and this actuallysaves so much space and you can actuallysee each and every t-shirt that you putin so it’s really easy to grab and putback in and those are all my t-shirtsnow moving on to long sleeves so thisincludes just regular long sleeves orsweaters anything like that againI’m gonna draw that line down the middleand then fold both sides to that middleline and then kind of tuck the sleevesin so it fits within the rectangle ofthe shirt then I’m going to just drawthose two lines so that there’s threesections and fold that up and then if itstands then you are good to go and thenI just place this on my shelf afterfolding all of my sweaters and longsleeves up and that is how it looksnow moving on to pants so what you gonnado is fold them in half so

that the backpocket is facing outwards and thenyou’re gonna fold the bottom part up tothe top and then draw those two lines sothat you have three sections and foldthem up and if it stands up then youhave folded it correctly and now you canjust put it on to your shelf or yourdrawer and stack them all up beside eachother and this should actually save youa ton of space I know it doesn’t looklike it but you can actually squeeze somany items of clothing together on thesame shelf obviously this kind of worksbetter if you have a drawer and you putthem in because there’s gonna be morespace that way but it still works on ashelf and I actually find it easier tokeep it organized and it doesn’t getmessy as easily so this is just how Ilike to do it this is just arecommendation try it out if you want tookay moving on to jewelry so I’m gonnashow you guys how to make this reallycool jewelry stand slash necklace standso I got this wooden dowel that’s halfan inch wide from Home Depot it was liketwo dollars or something and then I justsaw that into one piece that was thirtycentimeters long and two pieces thatwere 15 centimeters long you cancustomize this to whatever length thatyou need but this is just what I endedup doing next I’m using this half aninch copper tee that was like reallyaffordable and also this wood block thatI have a circle drilled into the centerof optional but I also use some copperspray paint to match the copper tee soI’m just spraying down all of my woodpieces and you want to do a couple oflayers because

on the wood you can seethe grain after the first layer andafter you build up a couple of layers itstarts looking more like metal so youwant to do that and coat all of thesides evenlyonce you let that dry you can startassembling so here is my wooden block orthe base piece and I’m gonna stick mylongest piece in there make sure it fitsand then I’m gonna use some hot glue I’mgonna put some glue in there and thenI’m gonna stick my wooden dowel in therejust so that it stays more in place andthen at the top I’m gonna place mycopper tee and then I’m gonna take bothof those 15 centimeter pieces and stickthem in the sides and these pieces stayin there pretty well so I didn’t have touse any glue or anything but if you feellike you need glue go ahead and do thatso I just stuffed them into the coppertee and there is my necklace holder Ithink it turned out really really cute Ithink I saw something from UrbanOutfitters like this for a lot moremoney and I made this for under $10which is crazy because I think it looksso good and then I

just hung all of mynecklaces on there you can hang allkinds of things on there rings braceletsnecklaces just do whatever you need okay now I’m gonna show you guys how toorganize your papers because this iswhat I’ve struggled with for so long andI finally figured out a system thatworks for me and works pretty well sothese are all of my random papers thatare sprawled everywhere it’s always justin my room and I like don’t know what todo with them because I’m gonna keep thembut I don’t know where to put them orhow to organize them so what I ended updoing was I used a file folder andwhat’s great about this is it has somany different compartments and you canlabel them and put different things ineach section so in the first section Iput cards and in different ones I wouldput like my own art and like schoolthings and things that people gave mefrom meetups I just think this is agreat way to organize all your papersand keep them all in one place okay soif you want to save space and you have alot of papers that you want to keep butyou don’t physically need you canactually digitalize them so what I

meanby that is like taking photos of themand keeping them on a drive or a cloudor something like that so you stillactually have your document but it’s notphysically there and it’s not taking uproom I love this because I have so so somany things just stuffed in my room andlike I like them but I don’t physicallyneed to have it in my hand so this is agreat way to do that and save space andyou can really do this for anything forpictures for papers I would also makedifferent albums for differentcategories of things so like maybe forpictures you would make one album forschool documents you would make anotherit’s up to you okay now I’m just gonnashow you guys a couple of random storageideas that I’m using these aren’tinsanely creative or anything but I’mjust gonna show you guys what I did sothis is my shelf I have a couple ofthings there that kind of just look outof place they don’t really have astorage unit so I got these woodencrates from Home Depot and

I’m justputting all of my papers and files andbinder type of things in there I alsoput some books in there and now it justlooks more consolidated and this isn’tanything revolutionary by any means andI’m also putting my binders at the sideout on display because they kind ofand like I don’t know I just put themthere and in the second grade I just puta bunch of my candles and spray paintsand paint brushes it’s honestly kind ofa random bunch of stuff but it looksmore organized I also already had thiswooden slab from before and I justplaced all my sunglasses on there and Ijust think it kind of matches with thewood crate and so that is how I organizethe things on my shelf much moreorganized than before okay so I have so many bags I think thismight be kind of common sense but I liketo put the smaller bags within thebigger bags and also if you havesuitcases you can put stuff in there

tooand then I actually like to use thesedollar store bins these are like only adollarobviously dollar store bins and I liketo put my bags in there and then putthem in my cabinet and I like to usethese white dollar store bins for likeeverything I like to put papers in themI like to put just random knickknacks inthem because these are so cheap you canuse them for anything and it makesthings look a lot more organizedespecially because everything my room iswhite it kind of matches everything inmy room so having the same storage boxesmakes everything look more organizedeven if things aren’t organized on theinside and that is it for my video onhow I organized my roomthere wasn’t anything a revolutionary inhere but I just

want to show you guyshow I organized everything and show youguys some of the storage ideas that Iusedunfortunately I can’t actually show youguys my room right now because Iorganized and decorated at the same timeso if you want to know how I decoratedand how my room looks make sure to staytuned for next week’s video because I’mgonna show you guys how I decorated andI think it looks so bomb you guys willbe so excited so make sure you staytuned for next week’s video I am soexcited so that is pretty much it forthis video I hope you guys enjoyed itshout out of the week right here thankyou so much for watching is that it’spretty much itI’ll see you guys next time

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