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hi there my name is Mike Montgomery andtoday I’d like to bring you along on myfirst ever bathroom remodel project onmodern build so the whole goal here wasto remodel this bathroom on the cheapunder $500 now while I talk I’m going tothrow up some video of the old bathroomand as you can tell it was not in greatshape the colors on the wall were reallyugly the cabinets were in really badshape there really wasn’t any goodstorage and the lighting was well uglyso obviously this was a pretty bigproject but I think it came out prettynice I’m gonna have links to most allthe products I used in the writtenarticle on my website so be sure andcheck out that link in the descriptionotherwise let’s get started so before Icould make anything betterI had to well make things worse so Idisconnected all the plumbing turned offall the water valves and pulled out thatold ugly countertop then I removed theold backsplash too now I didn’t have awonder bar or a crowbar with me bust abig flat head screwdriver worked outfine then once I had

everything I neededremoved removed I could get prepped forpaint first by spackling any holes inthe cabinets or walls then by spacklingthis patch of drywall so when that tilebacksplash came out it took a little bitof the drywall with it but not so muchthat I needed per se to put on a wholenew piece of drywall instead I tried myhand at texturing that section to matchthe rest and it actually worked outpretty well I put on three cosa spacklesanding between coats with 220 grit andeventually that seam and that edge justsort of faded away especially once I gotpaint on it and like I mentioned earlierthe whole goal was to do this all on thecheap which is why I’m using the samepaint that I had left over from paintingthe walls in the new shop not only is itleftover paint but it’s paint that Ibought from my local Habitat forHumanity resale center for about 10 or20 bucks so at this point the paint’s all dry andI need to start cutting my countertop Igot this

one for a really great deal atIKEA 20 bucksI know it’s upside down but just in caseyou don’t believe you remember thatkitchen cabinet upgrade I made a longtime ago with my buddy Calebwell when we’re at IKEA getting thecountertops for his kitchen they hadthese on the discontinued aisle for 20bucks a piece for that price I picked upfive of them I didn’t really have a needfor him at the time but I figured forthat price I couldn’t pass up on him andjust like in that old countertop video Iused some really simple metal L bracketsto attach it to the cabinet that way ifit ever needs remove it’s really quickand easy and won’t damage the cabinetsinstead of doing a tile backsplash oranything like that I am doing a woodpaneled wall made out of 1 by sixes soI’m just here cutting them all to lengthand then stacking and taping them up nowI’m going to have a really big mirror infront of this counter so I don’t want towaste a ton of 1 by sixes since we’retrying to do this remodel really reallycheap so I just cut the parts that aregoing to be showing and left the gap inthe middle what’s going on here is thecountertop

is not parallel to theceiling there’s about a half inch gapfrom the left side to the right side soI undid my countertop put a couplespaces on the left side to raise it up alittle bit that way everything’s niceand even once that was fixed and I knewall of my boards fit I went and put on acouple coats of provincial stained byMinwax and then a coat of Dennis oil tosort of seal it a little bit so I’mgoing to be using finish nails to attachthe boards to the walls but for a bunchof extra strength I added some liquidnails construction adhesive to make surethis panel wall is really really strongso I just kept on putting board afterboard and eventually got to the last oneand I didn’t even have to cut it towidthsomehow 6 or 8 however many one by sixeswas exactly the right lengthso plumbing is definitely not my fortebut we got these really cool glasspedestal sinks online and unlike with adrop-in sink all I had to do was drill acouple holes for the drain and thefaucet with Forstner bits in a goodquick tip anytime you’re drillingForstner bits or any kind of hole in alaminate countertop be sure and usemasking tape to prevent it from

chippingout over all this install was notterrible but it definitely it definitelywasn’t easy one utility late to him wegot latewe got it only took four hours so thatwas way seven hours expecting I thinkthis is the perfect opportunity to hearabout this week’s sponsor some techmakes it easy to find in hire localskilled professionals for just aboutanything on your list for free from homeimprovement professionals to eventplanners personal trainers thumbtack hasgot it all getting started is supersimple just tell thumbtacks about theservice you’re looking for answer a fewquestions and thumbtack will pair youwith skilled pros in your area oncelocal pros have received your requestthey’ll build a custom quote based onyour project that will include a priceestimate customer reviews and theirpersonal business profile then onceyou’ve received all of your quotes youcan compare them and choose the one thatfits your needs of the best thumbtack isobviously great for renovation typeprojects like this one maybe you’re notcomfortable doing electrical work or youdon’t want to risk flooding your entirebathroom with the plumbing thumbtackmakes it super easy to find a

pro youknow you can trust it’s fast easy andfree higher skilled pros for just aboutanything on thumbtack calm today nowthat the whole plumbing Fiasco was takencare of I could focus on making the newcabinet doors and I had them cut towidth at Home Depot on their panel saw Icut them to the exact same size as theold cabinet doors to kind of minimizepossible stress and problems and I usedthis level once I had the first door onreally straight as my reference so longas I had the top of the cabinet doorlined up with that I knew it was goingon straight and parallel with the restof the doorsso going into this project I had reallybig plans for the vanity mirror and Istill do I want to do an LED framedmirror and I’m going to do it I just raninto some problems along the way staytuned to next week’s though because thatwill be the project video so storage wasone of the big problems with the oldbathroom there was really nowhere to putlinens or extra toilet paper rolls andstuff like that so I wanted to make areally simple shelf solution for abovethe toilet essentially all it is aresome scrap 1×6 is left over from

thepanel wall then I attached some shelfbrackets to the shelf brackets are supercheap and once you consider that thewood is free this was a super quicksuper cheap solution and it looks goodtoo so I don’t know about you all but Ihate a low showerhead I guess it’s notreally an issue if you’re short but it’san issue for me now I didn’t want to gomaking a new outlet because one I wasscared I was going to make a mess orsome kind of leak behind the wall and Ialso just didn’t have tile to replacewhere that hole was so I came acrossthis pipe called an S pipe and I’ll havelinks to it down in the written articlebut all it does is just raise yourshowerhead it takes about 15 minutes toinstall it’s super super easy and whileI was in the process of turning everyother finish into Chrome I figured Imight as well replace that old uglybrass shower rod and get a new showercurtain duh so there you have it thiswas my first real renovation projectthat I tackled 100% on my own it waspretty intimidating going into it andthere was a lot of moments where I was alittle bit lost getting frustrated butit was definitely definitely worth itI’m so proud of how this came out and Ihope you guys enjoyed – how cool is thatlittle drain obviously this wasn’t oneof my traditional furniture type buildsbut it was fun getting to break out ofthe normal schedule and try somethingnew so I hope you guys really enjoyedthis project I was kind of

going out ona limbdoing something outside of what Inormally do I would love to hear yourfeedback did you enjoy this type ofvideo should I just stick to thefurniture project let me know becauseobviously I want to take your opinionsinto consideration because I want to dothis type of video again and I want toknow what might be able to make itbetter I want to give one more hugethanks to thumbtack comm for sponsoringthis video and allowing me to trysomething new like this if you’relooking for a professional just aboutanything go check out some tag finally Iwant to plug my podcast the modern makerpodcast links in the description finallyif you enjoyed this project I would lovea thumbs up and don’t forget tosubscribe if you’re not already and ifyou want to hit that little buildnotification feel free to do that aswell to stay notified when I uploadthanks a lot guys I hope you enjoyedthis project I really do it was a prettybig undertaking and I’m glad it came outwell have a great week and we’ll see younext week on modern build

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