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hello guys and welcome to today’s videoexcuse my dressing god it’s just beenone of those days where I haven’t feltup to going dressed and leaving thehouse but I have put some makeup on forthe sake of your eyes it occurred to methat I haven’t really shown you much ofmy flats if you follow my vlogs you willhave seen that I moved into my own flatand kind of last summer September timesI’ve been here a year and a few monthsnow and like I did most of the work toit as soon as I moved in that there’sjust a few little things to be donestill a year later I think I’ve done apretty good job with my flat consideringhow small it is it’s only a one-bedroomflat I have a lot of stuff and when Isay a lot of stuff I mean like a lot ofstraw so I’ve had to be very clever withmy storage and with the space that I’vegot so yeah I

thought I would do you alittle run at all if you do like thisvideo and you want me to do like a soulflap tour on kind of like how I’ve builtin storage and whatnot or should snowsif you just want to see it then let meknow it’s currently a strait I’ve tiedin my room so it’s all good let’s justget into it I hope you enjoy this and Ihope it’s useful for you for some likespace-saving ideas okay so this is theview as you walk into the room I’m justgoing to turn you around to show you thedoor area first of all and then I’llshow you the rest basically on the backof my door I have this hanger which isfrom primal and then I just have hoodiesand dressing gowns on the back of mydoor I wish I didn’t have this herebecause it does create quite a bulk hereespecially as I have this ladder now Ihave loads of shelves up high like thisand you’ll see in a second how high mywardrobes areand I have the same in like my lounge soit’s not ideal keeping a ladder here butI literally don’t have anywhere else tostore it and if I stored it outside Iwould just never get it and never use itso yeah my ladders here oh yeahand up here I do want to get two basketsdo that up here so if we move around wehave my

TV on the wall and then justlike a radiator I’ve tried to keep thewires as minimal as possiblethis TV isn’t connected to a narrowlonely thing so I just use a chromecastit’s not gonna focus there we go yeahthis is like Alli said you can just goon your phone and get the app up like Ijust put Netflix on in the new tap likecast and it costs it to your TV I thinkthese are super cheap as well they’relike twenty thirty poundsso yeah that’s there and then I haveanother cable which is actually built-inunder this wardrobe this picture rightlet me explain I’m not that vainit’s basically covering something up hershe got sent this by a brand it’s like adrawing of one of my pictures onInstagram but basically there wassupposed to be a mirror going here onthis hook and the mirror didn’t go up soI just put this over to cover it nowwhat annoys me about this room is thatmy TV is not in the middle of the wallso my TV ideally would be here butbasically when I first moved in

Ithought I would put a mirror and like adressing table here this is why thesemarks are on the wall because I tried todo like a floating shelf like justdressing area but it just did not workand there’s basically no space on thefloor here anyway for like you know meto have a dressing area and I always getready in the bathroom anyway so yeah Iwould like to move my TV to the middlebut you can see the TV from bed it’sjust yeah it’s just annoying anyway onthe floor we have a little rug this isactually a recent addition like myslippers yeah this was actually a recentaddition justbecause my room is like wood and itstarted to feel really cold in thewinter so I bought two of these oneshere ones like over there they’re fromnext they’re faux sheepskin rugs Ireally like them I one of them in gradetwo like much my gray bed and everythingI just think they add a little bit ofwarmth to the room so moving on to abovethe TV we have I’m gonna have to standreally far back to get this all in rightwe have my makeup what some of my

makeupthese drawers when I’m getting makeup Ihave like the main makeup I use inmakeup bags in my bathroom it’s just ifI need to get like a new eyeliner oranything that’s when I’ll use these I’vegot one two three four five these arefrom Ikea I absolutely love like heremost of my room and my storage is IKEA Ilike that they’re so up high so itdoesn’t feel like it’s too imposing andthey don’t come out too far as you cansee they only come out a little bitfurther than my TV and then if we movearound to my wardrobeso my wardrobes I absolutely love theseare from Ikea I love these becausenumber one I’ve got one of them with amirror on them and number two they’rewhite and they’re just so cleanjust when you close them it just closesall the mess away it just makes me happyto be able to put everything away in mywardrobes I’ve got more storage on thetop of these wardrobes in the form ofthese white boxes which aren’t pushedback perfectly but whenever we’ll letthem off I just got things like makeupbags mini products this one’s like myfestival box just flying loads aroundand stuff like that so

show you my firstwardrobe these are really nice and highso you can fit a lot of stuff in thembecause they have a lot of clothes withIKEA wardrobes you can let you designthem how you want you can put what youwant in them which was such a dilemmafor me because I was just overwhelmed Iwas like what do I doso anyway in the top of this we havesome bikinis this is just a random shelfthing that I’m just covering up so messwith and then in here we have my jeansand trousers and then some like shortsleeve tops and body suits and whatnot Igot all my hangers match inks I thinkthat looks really nice and neat theseare just from Primark and then we comedown to the drawers so I’ve got one twothree four drawers in here and I alsogot this little feature so you can buylike a glass panel and then this littlesliding out thing this is all my jewelrywhich is so messy I need to sort thisout this is a job for a rainy day butyeah I love this because you just buythe inserts and then you can just likeorganize all your jewelry like watchesand braceletsyeah let’s close that because it’sreally messy but no I really really likethat as a feature and then in my drawerswhich I don’t even want to

open thisbecause I think they’re so messy this ismy sock and pant drawerneed to go through that this is mypajama drawer this is like jeans andother charles’s and then in the bottomis my sportswear drawer which I haven’tbeen in in a while and then down thebottom I’ve just got some boxes andlike aback for my studio lighting andthen if we slide across into the otherone this is where I have all my jumpersI try and color coordinate as much as Ican but all these bright colors justmakes it look a bit not really organizedthese are just all like sweatshirtscardigans jumpers some long-sleeveshirts and tops at the top of this Ihave my little suitcase and thenunderneath my jumpers I’ve got somebaskets I would ideally like to havematching ones but I just haven’t gotaround to doing it and since it’s insideof wardrobe it doesn’t really matterthese are just full of small bags bothof these ones and then in the middleI’ve got my straightness that I use andmy colors that I use every day they’reboth from GHD love ugh D uh-huhthen this slightly messy shelf is mybags I’ve actually recently cleared

thisout I mean it doesn’t look like it butbasically I cleared this bottom shelfout because they were both bags and Iwanted to put these things and watch herin from Ikea because right so myboyfriend stays it every night but hedoesn’t live with me there’s literallyno space for his stuff like I fill upthis wardrobe pretty well by myself andso when he comes over this is his drawerlike I gave them both of them and then Iuse this one for all of my comfy clothesI’ve literally just on a wardrobe clearout and then I don’t know the space justgets used up so yeah that is Sam sectionin the hole of my flat moving on to thismirrored one here this is a lot smallerthis one and I’ve made it longer so thisis the little beanie thingy though Iheat up at night which I recentlyrefounded and Sam my boyfriend hates itbut yeah so he lives in there at thebottomthese are all my dresses again like I’mrunning out of space things like doubledup on hanger so yeah this I’ve left itlong so I can fit in like maxi dressesand all that in thereat the top there I have my ski starhopefully I’ll go on a ski trip soon andthen right down the bottom a bit of arandom draw so basically I couldn’t fitmy bras into the pants and socks

draw soI just made a jewel for my bras all oftheir own to be honest I rarely even gohere because I really wear a bra andthen at the bottom here I’ve justdecided to make this my covering clotheslike clothes I’ve recently bought and Ijust want to know where they are quicklyso I definitely recommend thesewardrobes they’re super easy to slideand all of that and you can pick whatdoor fronts you want I didn’t reallylook into any other like wardrobefitters because I knew I didn’t want tospend a lot of money I love that I’vemanaged to like get these into such asmall room because my bedroom is not abig room and I needed a lot of storagelike this is the amount of space to walkalong which is absolutely fine for thewardrobes so as you can see on the floorhere this is where my other rug is Ireally wanted a rug here because it’swhere a cow of bed and it’s just reallycold like I have a door here which leadsto the garden and they actually used tohave a cat flap in it I recently got atree paneled and let us use some thatsuch a lot of like cold air in so thisarea just felt really cold to me rugthere this chair slash bedside table wasoriginally supposed to be for my likedressing area and I actually bought abedside table but it was way too big sothis acts as a perfect

bedside table Ireally really love this I think it’sfrom Maison des monts it’s just gotthese rose gold legs and then a gray topI’ve got the remote for my teethand then yeah just in this corner Iwould like to put some shelves Ohsomething on the wall I thought I’m notgonna bother painting this wall cuz thewardrobes are going to cover it and thenI forgot that yeah the wardrobes goingin the cart this Fox I still need toopen this door so that is a job that’sbeen on my to-do list for like oh why isit going blurry for like a year anywaydown here we just got a couple ofstorage bits so in here I have a load ofhair products this is just where I keeplike my hair dryer and my colors and mylike hair products that I use everydaylike safely stored away this used to bemy washing basket but I’ve got too muchwashing so I had to get a bigger onethis is used to be my bin but then Ididn’t like having a bin that was likethis where you could see all the stuffin it so now I just don’t have it beenin my room and this is where I keepthrowing it so this is usually on thebed but I decided against it with thebedding that I have that’s my teddy thatI’ve had since I was born and then thislittle storage thing I just have a loadof rubbish in it and then behind I’vejust got like plug I always

have to getthese two meter cables so then they canreach across to my bed and then we havejust a blind again I need to paint overthis thing up here it just looks a bityeah not nice in this corner I need topaint it but oh my goodness the personthat had this room before me so first ofall there was a massive purple mural onthat wallit was in my moving vlog so if you wantto go see it I’ll link it oh yeah theyhad like this horrible net curtain onlike a little railing which is what thiswas forso this is quite hard to like pull downand put up so I’ll just put it asideit’s basically a my reflection yeah myGardens just there and that’s myneighbors so yeah that’s what it leadsout to basically when I bought the flatI wanted a garden in the back that Icould let Lola out into and that leadsme onto the main event which is my bedswith a bedroomfeel like Abed needs to have a bedsidetable either side of it and I tried andI tried and I tried to work out a waythat I’d be able to fit in my wardrobesand my bed without covering up the doorbecause the guy behind me had his bedgoing along here which covered the doorand then he had a wardrobe where I’mstood now it’s not the end of the

worldknocks I think it looks absolutely fineyeah the bed is against the wall theskirting board on this wall has actuallybeen taken off so that my bed can fitlike you know right across the wallbecause it just about you can see itlike the blind covers it but it justabout you know is in line with this wallso my bed is from Wayfarer I just gotlike one with a gray headboard I reallylike it because the best thing about mybed is that it lifts up so it has thislittle thing here I’ll lift it up in asecond to show you but yeah you can liftit up and store things under which Ireally really need it and then I havethe most amazing memory foam mattressthis is from a brand called Casper andit is so so comfy they also do dog bedswhich I feel I really need to invest inat the moment I’ve got my festivebedding on I’ve had this for years andyears and

years it’s from Primark and ithas gray on one side and white on theother these are from Matalin and thenthese big cushions are firm next I’veliterally had them for so long like theywere on my bed in my old house but Ididn’t see any reason to buy anythingnewI bought load a new cushions for my sofabut not for my bed I love my pillowsthese pillows are from Ikea you can kindof see through here because thispillowcase is really cheap andsee-through but they’ve yeah I’m notsure what ones they are but they weresuper good value and I do warm ones withdown in them but I wanted ones that werelike nice and squishy so yeah they’relike the ones that have the great pipingdown the side I absolutely love them solet me show you underneath I’m actuallyso embarrassed to show you because it’sa place where I Chuckeverything so it’s like a mess oh yeah Ihave two massive

suitcases in there I’vegot like beauty bits and bobs there’seven some stuff that I’m you know thissection is for giveaways and a load ofholiday stuff under their bedding towelsI fit a lot of stuff under this bed it’smagical it is great and it’s super easyto lift up as well and yeah then youjust pop it back down now moving on tothis little section we have these lightswhich I absolutely love I think theselook really goodthese were from Ikea as well love IKEArose gold accents as well I think theylook really good like I think havinglights like this make I don’t know a bedlook more expensive but the thing is Iactually did it because I didn’t have abedside table to have a lamp on I didn’thave much space so I just saw thesewhich are ones that you can clip on theside and I got my Builder to just screwthem in you can like move

them aroundand whatnot and yeah I’ve really reallyloved it is I think this was a reallyclever idea from me and then this fromIkea I saw it in one of the showroomswhere they’d like staggered its you’vegot the narrower ones here and then thelarger ones above so you don’t feel likeit’s you know coming too much above yourhead my head is perfectly low but myboyfriend does hit his head well he hitshis head on the cupboard when it’s outso basically these covers are supposedto have this all that one works touchopening which don’t roll that one worksbut they don’t really work on the otherskind of annoying so I paid more forthese touch opening cupboards but inhere we have lipsticks and my naturalcycles things by the way these are notpregnancy tests they’re natural cyclesnatural cycles thermometers this is allplease lipsticks in here in these littlelipstick things from eBaythis is zoella that’s just a random potI was sent so yeah load of lipsticks inthat one and then the two top cupboardswe have number one my book say these arepretty much just self-help thoughbecause I’ve got the odd fictional bookwhich I do love but yeah these also helpbooks notebooks this is my scrapbookwhich I really need to do more of anewspaper that I was in and then theseare all my like oils and sleepy thingsthat I my bed up here is an absolutemess this was originally in my bathroomfor me to use

but in the end I just useall the stuff that’s in like makeup bagsalready and then I’ve just got a fewmakeup bags and then this is mainlyconsisting of like boxes for my camerasand my lenses and all of that in thatone and then moving on to this one wehave more makeup makeup brushes thatdon’t even fit in the pot like seriouslyall of this is makeup brushes all ofthat section and you know these bagsthat makeup brushes which is bad I’vegot some lip liners here just a perfumethe Nina Ricci won all of these arehighlighters I do need to sort all ofthis out and then in these boxes arepalettesthis one has foundations in them thatone I can’t remember and then this onethat’s just a mirage so yeah that’s inthat cupboard and then finally we justhave a load of gold bits and bobs littlemini neon flamingos

there’s lip balms inthis one and then it Romulo and candlewhich I don’t think I’ll ever burn I’mjust going to use it this little m isfrom next I believe I can’t reallyremember where everything else is fromoh yeah this has some makeup brushes andthen finally we have this war so stillhaven’t got around to putting anythingin this frame but it’s really lovelyit’s from next and then I’ve just putthis massive print on the wall which wasfrom dicenio– it’s a bit wavy is thathow you describe it a bit wavy but Ilove the quote feelings are much likewaves that we can’t stop them fromcoming but we can choose which ones tostuff so yeah that’s that wall next midsbed okay guys so that is ear I reallyhope you enjoyed having a sneak peekinto my bedroom and how much stuff Ihave secretly hidden away I hope it’sgiving you some ideas if

you do alsohave a small space that you need to fita lot of stuff into and yeah and alsolet me know if you want me to do a wholeflat tour make sure you give this videoa thumbs up if you did like it but alsomake sure you have notifications on tolet you know when I have uploaded justas an FYI my upload schedule at themoment is Monday and Thursday at 5 we’ll see you on Monday at 5 p.m.good bye

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