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so over here behind the door we havethis little hook from Anthropologie andI put my two soft wheels on here just dothe lightest and anytime I want to goout grab and go then moving over here wehave my closet I’ll do a closet tour onthat in another video for you guys thennext to my closet we have this wonderfulhuge mirror this is from home goods Iabsolutely love this mirror it’s alittle upgrade from the one that I usedto have since I don’t have to stand iton anything because it’s so tall andthen up above that we have this nicewood board that has the California Stateon it I thought it was cool you know upin California and up in my state next tomy mirror over here we have my littledresser situation thing going on I guessthat’s what you could call it so overhere in the corner we have my littlelight box we should turn this on withthem a wonderful saying that myboyfriend put it on here for all to seesnitches get stitches so you know justwatch out for that

be careful then wehave this candle that I got when I wenton a little wine tasting with my friendand her family fun times then over hereis where I kind of throw all of my stuffwhen I get home so I have my sunglassesmy wallet my keys I keep over here andthen our mom’s that we use this littlegold leaf thing it’s actually from homegoods I love it I feel like it’s theperfect size just to kind of throweverything on and without it lookingmessy everywhere we’ve got a littlediffuser type thing over here I’m notentirely sure what you would call thatexactly but it just keeps my room smellnice you know like to smell fresh andclean in hereand then we have my little jewelry standover here which holds all of mynecklaces and my watch that I have I usemy Apple watch more often so there’ssome kind of sits here now but from timeto time I do like to wear it over here Ijust like to keep my perfume just tothrow one spritz before I leave my mostused ones are the black OPM YSL as youcan tell this one is absolutely empty Ithink I

need to get a new one very verysoon and we’ve got the Gucci Guiltyperfume which I absolutely lovethat one is my go-to right now and thenthis back corner is where I charge myApple watch I kind of keep this hiddenback here I like it so it’s out of theway and then these are like my last fewthings when I grab as I go out the doorso it’s nice to have it over here it’slike a little reminder we’re here we’vegot my guitar on display this thingdoesn’t get used often as I would hopebut the beauty I love it so this littledresser situation is from Ikea and thenall of these bins I believe I got atTarget overall I like how it how itworks how it stores my stuff it’s a loteasier for me than trying to carryaround a dresser every time that Idecide to move because you guys havebeen following me for a while I feellike that’s quite often that thathappens okay moving on over here theseare two pieces that I did myself it waskind of off of inspiration from what Isaw in another youtubers room and I’msure hers for a couple hundred dollarsbut I painted these for probably fiftydollars total stuff I like taking it upand display them I feel like the Atticcool but abstract art on the wall sothen over here we

have my wonderfulking-size bed that I absolutely love andI just paid this off last month thisthing is awesome you guys are looking toget a new bed this is totally notsponsored but I kill every single personabout this bed it’s called puffy if youguys sleep on your side or your backhighly highlywonderful bad it’s literally likesleeping on the cloud puffy if you wantto sponsor me I love your products andyou’re mad and I tell everyone aboutthem moving on so everything on here Iwant to say it’s pretty much from Targetbe blanket at the end of your hairs fromTarget the white comforter is fromTarget as well it’s like their lightestone for the summer this pillow righthere is from the Magnolia collection atTarget as well sheets are black sheetsfrom Target I think they’re the fieldpressed phones highly recommend if youlike soft sheets we’ve got this coolpainting up here Olivia so you could saysketch this is something that I drew inone of my art classes a few semestersago and it’s really cool to show off soI just throw it up

thereand then over here we’ve got thisnightstand from Ikea with the drawers Ijust kind of throw like random stuff inthere don’t really have that asorganized at the moment the lamp is fromTarget the candle is one of theirholiday scented ones from Bath and BodyWorks minute babe of course got ourbetter buzz coffee that we decided tograb before we filmed today’s video soif you can tell them a little hyped upon coffee right now this little thingback here is a wine bottle that I turnedinto a vase of some pink flowers what Ilove about this wine is it has a rose onthe bottom of it I feel like it’s justsuch a cool decor piece that my favoritemarble coasters those ones I think arefrom TJ Maxx they’re awesome on thisside of the bed I don’t actually havematching nightstands but I kind of likehow it evens everything out is the woodTexan with the other boat in my room soover here we’ve got another lamp fromTarget we’ve got this diffuser that Italked about in one of

my previous vlogsthis is from Amazon I absolutely lovethat we’ve got my coffee and mywonderful marble marble coaster overhere we’ve got my wireless charger Iabsolutely love this I showed this in myother vlog to you it works perfectlydefinitely recommend it fromthen down here I just keep my essentialoils for my diffuser that I use everysingle night stuff like that and then Ikind of just store my laptop down herebecause I use it quite often and it’snice to just kind of reach Bart rightthere here we’ve got another little artpiecesomeone actually gave this to me theyhave a little exit shaft I think it’scalled loft o decor if I can find thatInstagram with our Etsy shop I’ll goahead and leave that link they sent methis when I first started YouTube but itwas a cool thing and I still hang it inmy room to this day cuz I absolutelylove it the last wall over here forgotto mention that is my bathroom door overthere I’ll do another tour for that ifyou guys want to see

something about topull on those lines in my bathroom soover here we’ve got my wall with my TVit’s actually mounted on the wall so Ican pull this out and tilt it to howeverI need if I’m laying in bed everyonewatch TV it’s super nice this shelfright here ties in with the nightstandthat I have over there so I kind of keptthe woods together on this side of theroom this is from Home Depot and thenit’s got this little white mouse in thebottom I think overall this was probably20 bucks so definitely a good deal ifyou’re looking to just build somethingyourself I keep a little plant over herejust to add a little bit of greenery andcolor to this kind of black and whitesection this is where I keep all my TVremotes in my fan remote underneath downhere we’ve got this black bin which iswhere I keep like my most used bigpurses stuff that I used to go to workeveryday I got stuff that I taped

whereI need to bring my laptop it’s just niceto have it to access really easily so Ilike that down there and then we’re backto the door and that is my room tour Ihope you guys enjoyed and I’ll see youin my next video

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