Living Room Theaters Portland Or

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it was very dated it hadn’t beenrenovated or updated probably since itwas built it was very dark little tinyrooms oddly proportioned and you reallydidn’t get a sense of how beautiful thebackyard and the site was the mostenjoyable part of working on thisproject was working with friends who Iknew well but […]

Small Bathroom Design Ideas

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many of you have seen my bedroommakeovers and I do have another one toshare with you this is my guest bedroomthat many of you have seen our housecats have enjoyed plenty of nice beerbut it’s been six years since I’ve madeany changes to this face and I felt likeit needed […]

Living Room Furniture

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hey guys welcome back to my channel I’mAlexandra and today is a really excitingvideo it’s a makeover that I’ve neverdone beforeI am surprising my sister Olivia with abrand new bedroom all under 400 dollarsmy sister and I have completely oppositedecor styles I love color patterntexture pom-poms tassels she is veryspecific […]

Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

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everyone its Melanie and welcome back toliving luxuriously for less in today’svideo we are going to do a total roommakeover so the first thing that I hadto do was order the furniture for thisclient she told me she wanted a veryromantic and adult ish feel to her roomthe color she […]

Led Kitchen Lighting

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okay guys another one my quick show-and-tell is here this one here some LED strip lighting in red green and blue that I picked up for underneath my cabinets here eventually I’ll do thewhole kitchen with these I just finishedup these here I’m still waiting I knowyou’ll notice that right […]