Kitchen Pendant Lighting

admin 2019-03-29 Kitchen Design

so you know the drill we are hanging pendants we have chosen three and the question to you is what do we need to bethinking about when it comes to hanging these things structure first to make sure we can mount the boxes for the pendants okay we want those […]

Kitchen Lighting Design

admin 2019-03-30 Kitchen Design

there is more than one way to hang alamp and you’re likely to encounteralmost anything once you take off thecanopy that covers the ceiling boxyou may find a simple strap fixture thathas holes in it for mounting screws thestrap may have a threaded pipe comingout of the center called a […]

Elegant House Design

admin 2019-03-25 Uncategorized

Elegant house design lates in 2019 I had worked with these clients before in a couple of their previous homes and when they were looking to buy a new one we took a look through this house together because they weren’t sure if they wanted a new build they loved […]

Kitchen Track Lighting

admin 2019-03-29 Kitchen Design

hey guys listen I need so I wanted toshow you a video on the new undercabinet lights that we got so this isgonna be a little informal video I’m notgonna be in this one so it’s just alittle talked through I guess so Iwanted it to show you I have […]